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The presentation provides a brief overview of the ways through which technological innovations in the field of education has played an instrumental role in the transformation and modification of the educational model that is being integrated today in some of the best online universities of the world.


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THE AGE OF ONLINE TECHNOLOGY The present world is rapidly changing, with the current revolution in information greatly altering the day to day life of the people. Banking is now made through ATMs, and dating is made easier through the social networking websites. Every sort of knowledge and data has been made available right at your fingertips, courtesy of the search engines which can render you with thousands of results faster than the blink of an eye.

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However, you should know that not every single online university has been made equal. Similar with the brick and mortar type of universities, several of these universities online might give you the actual worth of your money and will not waste your effort and time. However, there will always be those that can make you regret in the end.  One great way for identifying those that are worth a try is by searching for the accredited schools. But keep in mind that it does not solely lie in accreditation.

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THE RISING BOOM OF ONLINE EDUCATION AND UNIVERSITIES In general, online education is consistently improving in terms of the quality and it is expected that it will be in this way for the many years to come, what with all the software becoming more and more sophisticated each day and faculty and students alike are bringing more prestige to this educational medium.

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At present, ten of the best online universities, arranged in no particular order, include: 1. University of Phoenix  2. DeVry University 3. Strayer University 4. George Washington University 5. Villanova University 6. Walden University  7. Ashford University 8. Kaplan University 9. Ellis College Online 10. Online UAE Universities

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