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No. Fair Trade crafts generally don’t cost more than other goods because the middle players in the supply chain are removed, thus decreasing the mark up costs. http://jaipurhandloom.com/


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Fair Trade goods and practices by Jaipurhandloom.com Since 2013 Hand Made in India 100 Organic 100 vegan Shipping Worldwide Do Fair Trade goods cost more than non-Fair Trade goods No. Fair Trade crafts generally don’t cost more than other goods because the middle players in the supply chain are removed thus decreasing the mark up costs. Jaipurhandloom.com directly works with artisans to cut off the middleman and organization goes hand on hand on each part of the handmade process of all items be as Mandala Tapestries Sari kantha Blankets or patchwork cushions covers. Each additional person in the supply chain adds on to the cost of the product as that person expects a profit. Since there is more of a direct link from consumer to producer in a Fair Trade scenario costs are kept comparable to non-Fair Trade goods and more of the profit goes to the producer rather than to many different people in the supply chain.

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How is Fair Trade making a difference if the sales volume is so low compared to non-Fair Trade sales First Fair Trade sales volume is not low: retail sales of Fair Trade items passed 1.1 billion in the U.S. in 2009. That has generated additional income paid to producers beyond normal market rates of 48 million. Further for a Peruvian weaving cooperative making only a few hundred dollars a year a 1000 craft sale to a Fair Trade Organization is a significant increase in income. In some parts of the world Fair Trade earnings are turned over to the community to improve quality of life. The money may fund a potable water system or provide health education or bring an adult literacy program to the community. Keep in mind there is a much more direct link from consumer to producer in Fair Trade and so the producers benefit that much more from each incremental increase in revenue.

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Fair Trade organizations such as us jaipurhandloom.com thrives more by supporting the people who live to their art by promoting them to ventures where people appreciate their art and in return it supports their family we have developed a sustainable method by which we support atleast 30 women we freed from RED light area now they work out of sub urban area producing beautiful kanthas tapestries and poufs supporting their kids and family and living a graceful life. In evening as per Indian tradition they sing and dance on popular bollywood songs. What are cooperative workplaces and why are they important to Fair Trade Cooperatives and producer associations provide a healthy alternative to large-scale manufacturing and sweatshop conditions where unprotected workers earn below minimum wage and most of the profits flow to foreign investors and local elites who have little interest in ensuring the long term health of the communities in which they work. Fair Trade Organizations work primarily with small businesses worker-owned and democratically run cooperatives and associations which bring significant benefits to workers and their communities. By banding together workers are able to access credit reduce raw material costs and establish higher and more just prices for their products. Workers earn a greater return on their labor and profits are distributed more equitably and often reinvested in community projects such as health clinics child care education and literacy training. Workers learn important leadership and organizing skills enabling self-reliant grassroots-driven development.

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Do Fair Trade Organizations offer financial support to producers Yes. Small-scale farmers and artisans in the developing world lack access to affordable financing impeding their profitability. Fair Trade Organizations that buy products directly from producers often provide financial assistance either through direct loans pre-payment or by linking producers with sources of financing. Unlike many commercial importers who often wait 60-90 days before paying producers many Fair Trade Organizations ensure pre-payment so that producers have sufficient funds to cover raw materials and basic needs during production. Do Fair Trade Organizations offer technical support to producers Yes. Fair Trade Organizations provide crucial technical assistance and support such as market information organizational development and training in financial management. Unlike conventional importers Fair Trade Organizations establish long term relationships with their producers and help them adapt production to

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changing trends which ultimately helps the producer communities to become more economically sustainable. How does Fair Trade help artisan communities In artisan communities schools are built wells are constructed children attend school essential medical care is provided and income is generated by fair trade sales. In addition cultural techniques are revived women become valued members of their societies alternative production methods preserve bio diversity small and medium sized enterprises in the developing world increase their capacity. These are a few of the many benefits to artisan communities in the developing world from Fair Trade.

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