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volunteering holidays with children

What is a Volunteer Vacation?:

What is a Volunteer Vacation? Volunteer vacations take you and your family out of your comfort zone. We ( Hands Up Holidays ) mostly work with families, but are thrilled to help couples (including honeymooners aka ‘ honeyteers ’) and solo travelers as well. We love enabling retirees to leave a legacy in luxury too. We are now offering short-term volunteer opportunities travelers looking to make a difference in the world. http://handsupholidays.com

Offering Trip Sample of 9 days:

Offering Trip Sample of 9 days Days 1-3 : are with your expert local, English-speaking guide; exploring your chosen destination and also learning some of the local language, cultural norms and etiquette. Your accommodation is typically 5*; small boutique hotels with buckets of charm and character. Days 4-6 : are your Give Back days. Here you experience meaningful interaction with local people while you give back in a hands-on way. This includes: building a house and giving a family a decent place to live being a reading partner and improving the conversational skills and confidence of a young boy or girl wildlife conservation and help ensure the future of animals business or marketing advice and help entrepreneurs better provide for their families, or help charities communicate their messaging better and raise much needed funds medical treatment and bring health and welfare improvements repairs and renovations of a school or day care center and provide a more pleasant and inspiring learning environment Days 7-9 : are for relaxing and continuing to explore with your local guide.

Why Book With Us:

Why Book With Us Hands Up Holidays is committed to providing you with an amazing, enriching travel experience. You should book with Hands Up Holidays in order to have: Meaningful short-term volunteer projects where you can make a positive difference in a community Fabulous accommodation Interaction with local people Incredible sights Superb guides who are passionate about their country http://handsupholidays.com

Volunteer Activities:

Volunteer Activities Depending on your skills and interests, you will be offered many different opportunities during your stay which include: Helping in the English Classes Arts and Crafts Story time in the Library Computer lessons Working with the Kindergarten classes Helping with the gym classes Working with the Agriculture classes Helping the kids with homework Sharing your love and attention! http://handsupholidays.com

Holiday Volunteer Opportunities:

Holiday Volunteer Opportunities Hands Up Holidays invites you to volunteer with us to help with our extra efforts during the holiday season. Start planning your luxury family voluntourism by contacting one of our region specific specialist for your area http://handsupholidays.com

Ways you can help:

Ways you can help There are many ways you and your family can make a difference as part of your luxury vacation. Environmental Building Community Based Teaching Medical Accounting IT and Admin http://handsupholidays.com

So, is it For You?:

So, is it For You? For more information, check out our web pages: http://handsupholidays.com/ Or email us at: info@handsupholidays.com

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