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Leaving Home:

Leaving Home


My name is AliceI am 18 years old>


I’m leaving home to go to law school,that’s where Dad wants me to be.>


I want to be an animator,but the silence says no.>


My ears start popping as the slick jet hits the runway.>


I’ve just landed in Cambridge, US.>


Dad got me into Harvard University. He says it will be good for me. But honestly I’m no einstein.>


I’m living with a friend from England in the heart of Boston. We live in the fancy South End Apartments, 690 Tremont St.>


My friend - she’s called Jasmine - reads while I draw.She motivates me to study but I’m always engrossed with my ba-xi animations.>Jasmines Laptop


The newest edition is Chad, Brad’s new friend. Chad has red rosy cheeks and a huge smile, he makes me happy...very happy.>


Mum gave me a new ba-xi, it is rose gold with three words that always make me think. Follow Your Dreams>


I step out into the cold, bitter Boston morning.Today is different, the semester’s almost done and I have my first law exams. >


Entering the classroom I am overwhelmed by the number of students, they all look older than Jasmine and I . The walls are a cream yellow and the desks each have a pile of papers and a pencil case. Suddenly the butterflies hit me. I don’t want to disappoint Dad.>


The timer starts and I reluctantly pick up my pencil.>


The questions are mind blowing for I have not barely listened to half the lectures nor studied or prepared. I realise my heart is not in it. I am not happy, but I don't want to disappoint Dad.>


Walking out of the classroom I see the teachers disproving look at my exam paper, I know I’ve failed. Even though Jas had offered so much help I was still unprepared. I have disappointed Dad.>


Sitting down on the campus steps I pick up my ba-xi and start drawing. All I’ve wanted to do my entire life is impress my parents, and my heart tells me I’ve blown it.>


Drawing animations is my only escape to this complex, mysterious, game called life.>


The sky's a deep pink, the candyfloss clouds creating a fantasy dreamland. The wind is whistling, telling me something. My head is starting to get fuzzy as I read the back of my ba-xi case. With my mind buzzing like a crowded hive of bees, I start writing:Questions about my life:>Where do I go next?Will I ever have a boyfriend?Is there such thing as a normal life?


Black circles enclose my vision. Short breaths. Shivering. Headache. Off Balance. No breath.>


I black out.


I wake with a start, beads of sweat streaming down my face and an aching bump on my  forehead. As I start walking I look at my list one more time and add one more question;Questions about my life:Where do I go next?Will I ever have a boyfriend?Is there such thing as a normal life?Are my parents really supporting me in my life?>


It was 10:00 in the morning and I was a mess, tears dripping from my deep blue speckled eyes. Still dizzy and my mind racing. What will I tell Dad, the one person I was trying to please.  >




Picking up my phone I hear a voice that suddenly gives me hope, it is Brad from Pixar Animations Studio. Brad's croaking deep voice starts speaking” Hi Alice I’ve heard about your talent with animating and I was wondering would you………” Heart racing, time standing still, I realise THIS IS IT. It’s not about pleasing Dad. I need to be happy and follow my dreams. All it’s going to take is one answer. >


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