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Are you looking for outsourcing WordPress customization? The psds2wp company is available at your service. We can easily convert your psd to WordPress theme. If you want to know more our company please visit: https://psds2wp.com


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PSD – A SURE-HANDED PLATFORM FOR WEB DESIGNING In our earlier blogs we have already discussed about the best possible advantages that we can get with PSD to WordPress conversion. Now let’s discuss about the term PSD which we throw a bit often in our blogs PSD as we all know is simply a Photoshop Design File. It technically stands for Photoshop Document which is the by default format in which the files created on Photoshop are saved. The impressive photoshop designs are converted to WordPress to give a beautiful and professional look to the websites. As a Photoshop Design File is not viewable on browsers so to make it browser compatible it needs HTML conversion. Initially PSD file gets converted to HTML and then WordPress CMS. But this process of conversion is not easy because it requires a creative approach like pixel perfect design in-depth coding skills and web design techniques. The process of conversion requires excellent professional skills because even a single mistake could affect your website. Photoshop aids in making an interactive unique dynamic and user-friendly websites. With the help of it you can get some amazing themes developed. When the various features of Photoshop are used to design a theme and launch a website using WordPress it paves for better business opportunities for any company.

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Now let’s talk about the Photoshop and website designing relation A website includes various elements and working in web designing includes creating user interface elements like the mockup wireframe icons and graphics and the capability needed to design these elements in such a way that their transition and production can be done smoothly is provided by Photoshop. Here we have mentioned some basic Photoshop tools that help a lot in web designing and are must to know if you are planning to use your hands in Photoshop. Move Tool Marquee Tool Selection Tool Crop Tool Gradient Text tool Zoom tool Color Picker tool Good Concept of using and locating different layers Photoshop Grid System Blending Options Thus having knowledge of these basic tools will aid you a lot in designing an impressive website But don’t forget to keep in mind this basic tip from Psds2wp – “ Design is a good inspiration from anything we see a web designer must have an inspiration keeping in mind your target audience and design something that your potential audience like to see also keep a flexible width of your website o that it expands and contracts based on a users window size ”

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This is it fellows Take this first step towards web designing smartly to make an impressive and healthy website base. Remember the great saying by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry- “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away.” Finally when you are done with your designing give your PSD design to us as at PSDS2WP we convert your Photoshop designs to WordPress themes which are completely hand-coded cross-browser compatible pixel perfect and fast loading. For More Info https://psds2wp.com/

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