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Bungie introduced a new world to video gaming by introducing Halo: The fall of the Reach which used to be a novel. After nearly nine long years, there have been five games, a whole lot of action figures and comic books, even the rather leftfield energy drinks that quenched the thirst of gamers everywhere after a huge online frag session, the video game that tells the origins of the all-too-important human-versus-alien war has finally arrived., and we’ve got a few free Halo Reach Cheat Codes at your gaming disposalTime has passed and different video games became popular especially those which involve human-versus=alien games and also offers free Halo Reach Cheat Codes This latest Halo instalment from Bungie software is not another sequel per se as the whole storyline was already put to an end in Halo 3. Instead, they have come to clear our minds of the confusion and the mystery and show us the start of every thing . For you to have a great idea on what is going to happen, you might want to read the novel to get an idea on how the story would end. If you think that Halo is over, then you need to find out by playing Reach. The ending of the prequel is revealed in the title of the novel. You might think you’ll be in for a boring experience, for thanks to Reach’s extremely well done story elements and its emotionally driven plot, you will still be feeling the after effects of a huge and epic alien battle that will knock the proverbial wind out of your system. Here are those free Halo Reach Cheat Codes! Special nameplates Complete the tasks indicated below to unlock the corresponding nameplate for Multiplayer mode. All you have to do is log into Bungie,bet and make sure that you follow the process . You can unlock the Halo Reach beta when you play the game . If you play live before April 15, 2010, you can get the Halo Logo. To get the Halor 3 logo, you need to play any of the campaign levels live on Xbox. Marathon Durandal symbol: Have Marathon Durandal in your recently played games list, and login at Bungie.net. To get the MJOLNIR Mk VI helmet logo you need to play and unlock the Halo 2,3 ODST or the Beta nameplates. ODST logo: Play Halo 3: ODST on Xbox Live. Log into Bungie.net and register any Halo 3 product code to get the original logo. The Septagon symbol: Join Bungie.net, and login with your Gamertag's email address. Invincibility and permanent Armor Lock This trick will require two players. Create an armor lock ability by putting it n player two mode and entering the forge mode. you can create an armor lock ability by pressing B. Then, delete all of these from the map. Click it, and hover over "Yes"A. Have player two go into Armor Lock. Delete all from the map message while on armor lock and try to select yes. By doing this, player two is now invincible.

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