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When planning a large dinner party or event, party planning can be a bit overwhelming. All those details! We thought we'd offer a few ways to make your table settings make a statement...without the stress.


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When it comes to a large lavish party or even a small inmate dinner it is the that can really make a difference. details

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c There are many ways to ulize linens as a way to transform a room’s ambience or add subtle touches. Interested in a dramac statement Consider chair covers sashes tablecloths overlays and napkins.

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Interested in simply adding a pop of color Napkins and a runner or overlay are great opons.

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c You may wish to consider a local linen rental company which may result in lower delivery fees or none at all

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Plan Ahead.

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Begin your research early. Schedule me with your prospecve provider so you may view various samples and discuss a price esmate.

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Certain rental companies allow clients to borrow swatches to test at their venue. This is a great way to test out different ‘looks’. Plus chair covers are not all created equally.

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It is advisable to wait a month prior to actually placing your order. This leaves you plenty of me to finalize your centerpieces lighng and place sengs.

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Consult with your rental provider regarding which colors are in stock. Can’t find a color you prefer Ask about their custom color opons. Do keep in mind that custom linens may be a bit pricier. And don’t forget about the lead-me.

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Think about selecng a color palee that compliments your theme but allows for some variances in shades take advantage of your local linen company’s resources.

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The Griy Details.

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Drop Size. Half Drop Full Drop Drop size is the length of fabric from the table to the ground. In general formal events use a full drop but the choice is yours. The table size is just that. For round tables simply measure the diameter. If you are unsure about the measurements you can call your venue or stop by. Table Size.

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Less is NOT more.

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Less is NOT more. In case of the unexpected ordering a few addional linens is always advisable. Do keep in mind that most linen rental companies do not refund customers for unused linens.

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Set-Up Details.

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Providers tend to have their own opons regarding seng up. Do not assume anything. Ask. This is one area that typically involves two pares: the venue and the rental company.

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•  How far in advance will your venue allow rentals to be delivered •  Is there a party scheduled close to your start me If so this may affect your set-up me. •  Does the rental company actually place the table linens If so is there an addional fee Here are some quesons to consider:

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The ‘Hidden’ Extras.

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Delivery charges can oen be an addional cost. Do not be afraid to aempt a price negoaon.

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Trying to save You may wish to pick up the linens yourself or ask a trusted family member or friend. However you should keep in mind post-party table linens tend to be quite messy.

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Accidents occur. For example does your centerpiece have fresh flowers or candles Certain flowers can stain fabric. A spilled lit candle can leave traces of wax…or worse burn marks. There is no reason to lose your cool though. Even the most conscious guests will have a minor “oops” moment.

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Ask Quesons

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Upon meeng any industry professional we do advise that you do your research. It is the easiest way to learn a bit about a potenal vendor’s work. This is also the perfect me to begin a running list of quesons. During your meeng you may be inundated with a lot of informaon and choices. Your queson list is a perfect way to stay on track.

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Providers that pride themselves on top quality customer service will do everything they can to help make you feel confident. There is also the added comfort of geng to know whom you will be working with on your Big Day.

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Be honest about your expectaons so your vendor can do their best to accommodate them. Happy planning

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