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Being a part of the advertising technology, ad server allows the publishers, advertisers, ad networks and agencies to manage and run the online advertising campaigns.


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How an ad server helps for business?

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Being a part of the advertising technology, ad server allows the publishers, advertisers, ad networks and agencies to manage and run the online advertising campaigns. Instantly , it decides which ads to display to the audience. While on the advertiser’s side, the ad servers collect the data about the impressions, clicks, report on the performance and monitor ads. Ad server manages and displays the right ads to the right user. Ad Server

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In a traditional workflow, there are more steps needed to place the ads on a publisher’s website from the process of selection of the publisher to trafficking the ads in order to measure its performance and receiving the invoices. Just imagine, if 20 publishers are there, then the process will be highly time-consuming, inefficient and prone to human errors. Managing the campaigns across multiple channels and the publishers are one of the most significant digital marketing challenges that you may face. Make sure that the management and the reporting have been done from the central point in order to run your ads on multiple websites efficiently.

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The workflow must be centralized for operational efficiencies : When you keep all the creatives in your ad server, you need not work “one-on-one” with the publishers every time there is a change to the creatives. Actually , if your modifications are so large to your ads, that can be done easily with the single platform. Automatic daily tasks can be very helpful to save your time and can fully focus on the actions that actually bring the value to the business. You may able to cut the costs and can derive the greatest value from the investment when you centralize all your creatives on the ad server. Ad server (Run multiple ads on the website)

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Make and own the most out of your data : The ad serving work would not matter if you cannot measure it in real time like what is fundamental to your business. Not only you should be able to fully and transparently report on your campaign’s performance, but also it is indeed to own and control all your campaign’s data. As an advertiser, this will be your competitive advantage. Data is a valuable asset to the advertiser. Data helps to analyze who your customer is, what he is exactly interested in, what matters to him and when would be the perfect time to approach him. Data Data Data Advertiser Valuable asset

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Building the audience list in your server can probably leverage these things for your future campaigns to maximize the business. Consolidating all the data in one ad server helps to see our consumers through a single lens and can make a clear decision about how to reach them and on the top of that, we can tailor our offering to their needs. This is the reason why an advertiser requires an own ad server to track the data. If our targeted audience data been scattered or owned by someone else, then you probably may lose the insights and you will be in a place to give away your source of wealth to some third party.

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Reporting and measuring the right insights : The base of a measurement is a complete view of your performances across screens and channels, based upon a complete and an unrepeated view of your audience. Ad server allows building and running the deduplicated reports in order to gain insight into how the user can be interacted with your brand before converting and buying the product. You can be able to make informed decisions about your campaign such as the right frequency cap for your ad to be served, the different devices which are used to lead to a conversion and lastly place your next investment on the right media.

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Most importantly, the data will be deduplicated so that you can have one view of the user across all the channels. Once you have served your ads, you must know against, on which content your ads been delivered and if they were actually seen. You should ensure the impressions weren’t valid inflating your costs. The ad server may enable you to check the views and content on which your ads got served making sure that you need not run against undesired content. In addition, it will allow you to report on the size and the location of your ads to know where you should invest more in.

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Business: Direct Selling Online selling There are two types of selling the ads if you are a publisher or a website owner. One is direct selling and the other one is choosing the network. The best way is to opt for network model where you can join in an ad network and they represent your site in their portfolio. They actually do the process of selling the ad space by working with the advertisers, run the creatives and reporting by a cut of the ad spend and giving you the rest. These ad networks are running by their own ad serving technology and also can handle the business aspects so that you will get remuneration every month. Here, you go to the advertisers and can sell the space on your site. Once the deal got done, they will give you the creatives where you can place that on your pages and report them back. However, this only works for large sites.

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How to increase business revenue ? Mostly, website owners are trying to maximizing their revenues by having a very attracting and the interesting advertisements on their websites. But, still many people are unaware of the ads which show up on a screen. The software is used to place the relevant ads on the website or apps, that technology is known as ad serving. The advertisers and publishers are equally benefited through this ad server Managing and monitoring multiple ad campaigns from a single interface. Control of ad tags Efficient management Targeting the ads to a certain group of audience. Transparency Complete report access Privacy Accessing valuable data

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If you’d like to manage a bulk no of campaigns from a different source at a centralized place, you suppose to own an ad server. Those ad campaigns will be imported to an ad server and can link to the relevant sites. You can ultimately manage and monitor the complete progression of multiple ad campaigns from a single interface. It would be easier to track the total number of clicks and ad impressions. Efficient Management

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Control of ad tags : Targeting the ads to a certain group of audience and restricting the ads to the unnecessary pages can save a time when you know how to control the ads that are being served. For the ad placement or audience specifically, the ad server allows deciding the ad formats like video, text, expandable etc. Optimization of ad delivery for the higher relevancy and to maximize the business income or get the return on investment from advertising can be accomplished through the ad server.

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Transparency: You will get a complete report access which covers all the metrics you want to see. This helps to improve the performance for the future ad campaigns. Privacy: It is very good when you know your financial numbers, but it is not necessary to show up to your ad partners like earnings, ad rates or how much you are making off your ad inventory. You will be the one and only who is having access to the valuable data when you own an ad server .

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To conclude here that, an ad server facilitates to manage the entire scope of digital marketing efforts in one place from media planning, targeting and ad trafficking to serving, optimization, verification, and reporting. It provides you the ability to serve the ads to only those are likely to open your message.

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