Hair Care & Styling after Hair Transplant

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If you are looking for hair care and styling tips then read this PPT. Here, you will get relevant information for how to care and style your hairs after the hair transplant surgery. You can also visit us to know more:


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Hair Care & Styling after Hair Transplant:

Hair Care & Styling after Hair Transplant By: Hair & Senses Leading Hair Restoration Clinic in India


Hair Transplant is a surgical method of restoring the hairs, which involves transplanting the hair roots extracted from the donor area to the area of hair loss. This is done very meticulously and involves good amount of experience and skill. If done keeping in mind the angle and direction of the existing natural hair, the results are fabulous and natural looking. Hair Transplant


The natural looking result with proper density allows one to style their hair, the way one wants. The results of hair transplant surgery usually takes about ~12 months. Hair Transplant


Use mild baby shampoo for initial days, this helps in keeping the scalp clean and scabs soft. One can use their regular shampoo after 2-3 weeks. If one has allergic tendencies then one should use their tested shampoos and products. One should avoid coloring agents for around 4-5 weeks Care and grooming after hair transplant


One can use camouflaging agents after around 3 weeks. Common hair styles used after transplant are either parting or combing backwards. Keeping long hair gives more volume to hairs but one can do short hair style after FUE hair transplant. Styling gel can be used to hold the style. Read more about Hair Care and Styling after Hair Transplant Styling after hair transplant

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