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What Is Good For Hair- Semi-Permanent Hair Color / Permanent Hair Color Most of the time we get influenced by the trends created by celebrities. When it comes to hair rather than focusing upon the minefield hair colors could give us we start experimenting with our hairs to let it suffer profusely. Permanent colors containing least ammonia are favorable for hair but excessive use of them also can cause hair issues like itching whitening etc. Now comes a better alternate temporary hair colors causing the least damage to hair Semi- Permanent hair color stands as a hero. All about hair color

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Who doesn’t love bright red lock complementing the look or who haven’t spent hours pondering over for a new hairstyle or hair color Having no idea of what would work in our favor and what against we get going deep into it getting our hair colored time and again which affects the hair on a deeper root level. To cope with this situation a semi-permanent hair color are best. These semi-permanent colors act as best testers for the long term. These colors contain least or no chemicals and wash out after a few washes. Such colors prevent hair from damage as they stay onto the surface level of the tresses and leave no effect on the root or cortex as permanent dyes have. With this semi-permanent hair colors at times only complement your natural hair to make it look brighter and darker to pop it up so if you want a blond shade on darker hair with semi-permanent color it won’t happen. Moreover semi hair colors do nothing on already colored hair it just fades it shade one level so don’t expect much from it. Moreover it also doesn’t survive for long but with every wash it fades for this you can use dry shampoos which would add on the life of hair colors.

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Avoid bleaching as our hair can’t bear its harsh effect for long. Plunging deep into hair colors i.e. back to back dye of hair using permanent hair color not only damages the follicles but also makes hair thin. Semi- permanent hair colors your hair form the application of harsh colors and thus prevent it from damaging. It being a single process hair color takes less time in application with visible results. For hair color go to a salon that offers treatment of hair with organic natural hair colors as natural and hair friendly colors produces the least effect. For more information visit here:- Address 299 Detroit Street Suite 113 Denver CO 80206 Phone No: 720 309-3829

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