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How to use Puppet Pals in the Latin classroom


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Presentation at FFLA:

Presentation at FFLA Technology in the Latin classroom

Puppet Pals:

Puppet Pals

Puppet Pals:

Puppet Pals School edition - iPad app Choose background Choose characters Insert heads Make mouths move Make arms and legs move Make them walk Make them jump on and off of vehicles Can transfer membership to other students


Mythology Give students choice of character Draw cards for sign-up No repeats Have students bring me the names they are using to verify pronunciation Set a time limit e.g. 2-5 minutes Easy to export to my e-mail Easy to project through Quick Time Player 1 st showing – have students watch to enjoy 2 nd showing – have students fill in notes Quiz on material


Survey How many minutes or hours did you spend on your project – from beginning to research your character up to the end of the finished product? What sources did you use to get your information? Be as specific as possible. Did you compose the wording or did you take it from a book or the internet? Where did you get your backgrounds? What were the difficult parts of the project? Finding information on character? Finding backgrounds? Changing backgrounds? Getting mouths to move? Getting characters to move? Others? If you were to make another Puppet Pals presentation, on what Latin related topic would you like to make it? If you were going to show two or three presentations to a group of Latin teachers, what would be your first through sixth choices. Be objective. Don’t just choose your friends.

Student notes:

Student notes Thanatos is the Greek personification of _____. Thanatos is usually overshadowed by _____. Nyx is the goddess of _____ and the _____ of Thanatos . Erebus is the god of ______. Hypnos is the god of _____ and the ______ of Thanatos . How did King Sisyphus trick Thanatos ? Why was Ares angry?

Quiz questions:

Quiz questions Atalanta Pegasus Prometheus Thanatos _____I am the personification of death and the son of Nyx (night). ____ I didn’t want to marry, but was defeated in a race because of apples. ____ I am the winged horse from whom Medusa was born. ____ Because I gave fire to man, my liver was constantly eaten by an eagle.


I could not have completed this project without the hours of help that I received from two IT staff at Academy of the Holy Names. My special thanks to Amy Warnock and Lisa Cohen for all your help and patience. Judith L. Hahn

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