Pompeian House Floor Plans

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Pompeian House Floor Plans:

Created by Judith Hahn from POMPEII by Maulucci Pompeian House Floor Plans

House of Lucius Caecilius Iucundus:

House of Lucius Caecilius Iucundus

PowerPoint Presentation:

ianua ianua atrium atrium ala ala tablinum tablinum oecus oecus hortus triclinium posticum taberna taberna

House of the Tragic Poet:

House of the Tragic Poet

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fauces taberna taberna atrium impluvium cubiculum cubiculum ala ala Tablinum cubiculum cubiculum cubiculum oecus culina triclinium hortus peristylium posticum

House of the Surgeon:

House of the Surgeon

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fauces taberna atrium cubiculum cubiculum cubiculum cubiculum ala ala tablinum triclinium triclinium latrina latrina culina hortus triclinium posticum scalae scalae

The House of the Faun:

The House of the Faun

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ianua atrium atrium impluvium impluvium taberna taberna taberna cella cubiculum cubiculum ala ala triclinium triclinium tablinum hortus peristylium a n d r o n stabulum balneum culina triclinium triclinium triclinium exedrae hortus peristylium posticum lararium Cella for gardener

House of the Vettii:

House of the Vettii

PowerPoint Presentation:

vestibulum atrium impluvium cella oecus posticum stabulum scalae atrium impluvium culina cella peristylium hortus oecus oecus ala ala porticus cubiculum cubiculum cubiculum triclinium triclinium

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House of the Silver Wedding:

House of the Silver Wedding

PowerPoint Presentation:

atrium impluvium tablinum peristylium hortus hortus Tetrastyle hall e x e d r a c u b i c u l u m c u b i c u l u m Triclinium balneum

Prepared by Judith L. Hahn, 2002:

Prepared by Judith L. Hahn, 2002

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