How To Give A Personalised Learning Experience To Kidpreneurs

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Hackberry believes in early childhood education. We aim to provide all the necessary skills set that our student entrepreneurs would carry with them for life.


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How To Give A Personalised Learning Experience To Kidpreneurs


The next generation is nothing short of rockstars - they are far smarter than we were at their age, and they learn new things very quickly. Take programming for kids for instead. Did you know that more than half of the kidpreneurs actually have tech products!! The Next Generation


Kids haven’t learn the limitations of the society yet, so their minds are full of bright ideas and hope. They haven’t learned the things they need to unlearn in order to be successful. Hence, they often come up with really interesting ideas. Big Ideas


The best way to deliver personalised learning to the future kidpreneurs is to let them try their hand at businesses and actually manage the logistics and take care of the money. Truth of the matter is, most adults don’t know this stuff themselves. So kids who learn this will have a better chance of making it big in life. Learning About Finance And Operations

Slide5: Failure As A Part Of Learning Teachers and parents must talk about failure with their kids on a one-to-one basis, as often as possible. This ensures that they learn to talk about this integral part of business, and even life, at an early age and hence learn to manage it.

Slide6: Options For Parents Kids who attend Young Entrepreneurs Program have a better chance of picking up these skills quickly and efficiently, and they are likely to gain more success in life. These programs take place in most major cities during summers and even on weekends.


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