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Introduction to Gyan Prakash Gupta

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Def.- “Marketing is about identifying and meeting human and social needs.” One of the shortest good definition of marketing is - “Meeting needs profitably.” “A strategically planning and executing of a set of objectives to bring buyers and sellers together so that a sale can take place.”

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“Marketing is analyzing and satisfying consumer needs.” According to the American Marketing Association- “Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customer and for managing customer relationship in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.” In the 3M's of Business model Marketing play a key role… 3M's are ‘Money, Management, and Marketing.’

The 4P’s of Marketing are -:

The 4P’s of Marketing are - Just for fun

Marketing can be classified as 3C model also:

Marketing can be classified as 3C model also 3 conceptions of marketing are: • Production concept • Selling concept • Marketing concept

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Long Term Factors in Marketing System are: • Technological Factors • Political Factors • Social Factors • Economic Factors PEST Analysis

Different Components of a Marketing Plan::

Different Components of a Marketing Plan: Market Research/Analysis 2. Marketing Objectives/Goals 3. Marketing Mix/Strategy 4. Marketing Budget 5. Market Monitoring and Evaluating 6. Plan Check List

Types of Marketing::

Types of Marketing: • Internet Marketing • Offline Marketing • Word of Mouth Marketing • Guerilla Marketing • Print Advertising • Direct Mail • TV and Radio • Network Marketing • Services Marketing • Evangelism Marketing • Relationship Marketing • Experiential Marketing • Mobile Marketing

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Types of Market Research: Exploratory Research: Better understanding of the problem dimensions . Descriptive Research: General understanding of the marketing problem. Causal Research: Used to identify cause-and-effect relationship.

Top Marketing Rules::

Top Marketing Rules: • Rules are Meant to be Broken if needed • Marketing Must Result in Sales and growth • Be unique • Keep a deadline

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