Impact of the Middle Ages on Christian Education

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a short lecture by Dr. Joe Collins; Gardner-Webb University


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Monastic Tradition:

Monastic Tradition Sainthood over scholarship Contributions to CE Promotion of literacy Clergy Laity Copying texts (Scriptorium) Maintaining libraries ( Librarium )

Monastic Schools:

Monastic Schools Celtic Monastery of Iona (6 th – 8 th centuries) Carolingian Revival (late 8 th century) Alcuin of York Charlemagne’s educational edicts Monastery of Cluny (910) Benedictine Rule Distinct from earlier Benedictine tradition Powerful influence In general, the single most important centers of education until the rise of cathedral schools and the university

The Crusades (1095 - 1291):

The Crusades (1095 - 1291) An effort by the Church to retake the Holy Land from Muslims by force Contributions to Education Reintroduction of Aristotle Advanced texts in mathematics and science

The University:

The University Distinctions from other schools Autonomous organizations Started as corporations on the model of medieval guilds Issued degrees More expansive curricula Earliest Universities Bologna (1088) – student controlled Oxford (1096) – state sponsored Paris (1150) – faculty controlled

Online Learning Activity:

Online Learning Activity Read pages 144-48 in Pazmino again carefully. Express your opinion on whether Pazmino is correct in thinking that we are facing some of the same issues in Christian Education that the Medieval Church faced. Be sure to explain yourself. Read the opinions of at least two classmates and respond to them. Relate to them how well you think they supported their opinion. Use detail from the lecture and from your reading to back up your comments to your classmates.

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