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GVT Academy is one of the best Advanced Excel training institute in Noida with 100% placement assistance.


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Join Advanced Excel Training Institute in Delhi Noida – GVT Academy Microsoft Excel is a general purpose electronic spreadsheet to use to organize calculate and analyze data. The task you can complete with Excel ranges from preparing a simple family budget preparing a purchase order create an elaborate graph/chart or managing a complex accounting ledger for a medium size business. Provide Basic/Advanced Understanding of Excel make user familiar to create formula and give platform to make good analysis and introduce Powerful tools of advance excel so that user can make advance analysis with the help of those tools. Introduction to Excel Basic Understanding Menu and Toolbar Introduction to different category of functions like Basics Mathematical and Statistical Date and Time Logical Lookup and References Text and Information. Mathematical Functions:- Sum Sumif Sumifs Count Counta Countblank Countif Countifs Average Averagea Averageif Averageifs Subtotal Aggregate Rand Randbetween Roundup Rounddown Round Sumproduct Text Functions Data Validation:- Char Clean Code Concatenate Find Search Substitute Replace Len Right Left Mid Lower Upper Proper Text Trim Value Large Small Filters Basic Advanced Conditional Sort Ascending Descending Cell/ Font Color Conditional Formatting Data Validation Group Ungroup Data split.

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Statistical Function Other Functions:- Isna Isblank Iserr Iseven Isodd Islogical Isytext Max Min Len Right Left Mid Maxa Maxifs Median Minifs Mina Vara Correl Geomen Logical Functions:- And Or If Iferror Not Nested If Lookup Reference Functions:- VLookup HLookup Index Match Offset Indirect Address Column Columns Row Rows Choose Arrays Concept In Lookup Formula’s Past Special Past link Pivot Table and Charts Import and Export data Protect/Unprotect sheets/workbooks. Worksheet formatting and Print Display Data Collection Method With Data Quality Collaboration Security Like Share Your Workbook On Share Drive With Quality Analysis Single/Multidimensional Analysis Like Three Dimensional 3D Tables Sensitive Analysis Like Data Table Manual What-If Analysis Threshold Values Goal Seek One-Variable Data Table Two- Variable Data Table Advanced Excel training course involves "Hands-on experience" we believe in practice what you preach and therefore each candidate is encouraged to practically conduct each topic that is discussed for better understanding of real-world scenar Advanced Excel. This practice of comprehensive training allows candidate to gain all the concepts and skills effectively and to later efficiently apply on their field of work. GVT Academy is one of the best Advanced Excel training institute in Noida with 100 placement assistance. GVT Academy has well structure modules and training program designed for both students and working professionals separately. At GVT Academy Advanced Excel training is conducted during all 5 days and special weekend classes. can also be arranged and scheduled. We also provide fast track training programs for students and professionals looking to upgrade themselves instantly. Get in Touch: Email: Call: +91 9718394718

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