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TYPES OF RESEARCH Presented By, GV.Santosh Kumar

Types of Research:

Types of Research Pure Research / Fundamental Research. Applied Research.

Pure Research:

Pure Research Pure Research is also known as basic or Fundamental research. It is undertaken out of intellectual curiosity or inquisitiveness. It may lead to either discovery of a new theory or refinement of an existing theory. Pure research formed the basics for innumerable scientific & technological inventions like Steam engine, Machines, Telecommunications, Electronic Gadgets etc.

Pure Research:

Pure Research Pure research offers solutions to many practical problems. It helps to find the critical factors in a practical problem. It develops many alternative solutions and does enable us to choose the best solution. Example of Pure Research: 1. Einstein's Theory of Relativity. 2. Newton's Contributions.

Applied Research:

Applied Research Applied research is carried on to find solution to a real life problem requiring an action or policy decision. It is thus problem oriented and action directed. It immediate and practical result. There is a vast scope for applied research in the field of Technology , Management, Commerce, Economics, and other social sciences.

Applied Research:

Applied Research Applied research can contrubute new facts:- It can put theory to the test. it may aid in conceptual clarification. it may integrate previously existing theories. --Example of Applied Research:- 1. Market research carried on for developing a new market.

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