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Learn the Latest major jewellery trends of 2019 with Gurukul Institution of Fashion Technology. These trends will surely let you shine in the next wedding you attend.


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LATEST 6 MAJOR JEWELLERY TRENDS-2019 Apart from getting emotional at your best friend’s wedding and about her tying the knot and commencing on an eternal journey of true love wedding festivities are all about glamming up and bringing out your glittering best. It is not possible to characterize jewellery trends in 2019 in one word. Even one sentence will be not enough After all our favorite jewellery accessories got their new level. It’s OK if you forget to take a bag along with you but forgetting your rings or bracelets is considered a sign of bad taste today. The main Jewellery Trends of 2019 include bounty of stones and rhinestones multi-layering large-scale parts and asymmetry. Most of them have large size inserts of pearls precious and semiprecious stones. Go through these easy-to-wear festive looks you can rock this wedding season. HEAVY DUTY CHOKER A heavy-duty choker is the easiest way to add glitz and charisma to any outfit. The statement pieces can be worn with sarees flowy lehengas and even salwar suits. Apart from adding onto your wardrobe a bizarre choker will also give the illusion of a long neck and highlight your collar bones. You can opt for classic kundan designs as per your style and preference. ASYMMETRICAL EARRINGS By wearing asymmetrical earrings you get to show-off your collection and more of your unique creative touch. Try to wear an initial in one lobe and juxtaposing it with a diamond stud in the other. TEMPLE JEWELLERY With elegant and simple temple jewellery stand out of the crowd. Get ready to dazzle the wedding guests with your magic by pairing a traditional pair of jhumkas with a statement necklace having antique motifs. You can also add a touch of festivity with gorgeous jasmine flowers and perfectly winged eye-liner STACKED RINGS Perfect jewellery styling is about how you wear the jewellery and not about what you wear. The most creative of fashionistas have embraced the art of stacking. Starting with your hands which make the perfect canvasses for style definition through rings. While thin rings are easy to stack you can also go bold and incorporate this 2019 jewellery trend by mixing in large statement rings with your subtle pieces.

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LAYERED NECKLACES Layered necklaces have been in fashion for a while now and we don’t think this trend is going anywhere this year. Stacked rings aren’t the only 2019 jewellery trend that’s all about mixing and matching. Get this 2019 jewellery trend by starting with a dainty layering chain or a name necklace and then a longer necklace that holds multiple charms and stones. COLORS Along with the clothes jewellery has also all the colors in this wedding season. Choose your favorite color and wear it fearlessly. In jewellery also pastels are trending this year. While you build your jewellery collection chances are you won’t make your decisions solely on basis of trends. Still it is fun to incorporate some of the trending looks with your timeless pieces. So next time you are heading to a wedding make sure you follow these trends and kill it at the wedding festivities. --------------------------------------------------------The end------------------------------------------------------- HTTPS://WWW.GURUKULINSTITUTION.IN/ Learn Latest 6 Major Jewellery Trends of 2019 with Gurukul Institution These trends will surely let you shine in the next wedding you attend. JewelryTrends LatestJewelleryTrends MajorJewelryTrends2019 6JewelryTrends WeddingSeason WeddingJewellery BridalJewellery BridalJewellerySet

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