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Bhadaria Agro Engineers is one of the emerging company that manufactures and supplies agricultural equipments like Thresher , Kutti Machine, Chaff Cutter. Fetch now


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Bhadriya Agro:

Bhadriya Agro Bhadriya Agro

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Welcome at Bhadriya Agro.. Bavaria Agro Engineers is a brand name in the field of agriculture implements in Rajasthan. It is established near Khatod Petrol Pump,Chomu, Distt. Jaipur (Rajasthan). We have a team of experienced technical working members in this field of agriculture engineering. Being professional manufacturer, our thresher product is built on latest technology which works more than 50% than others. It can segregate 10 to 12 quintals in an hour. Its stud drum , net and fan is designed such that output grain is free from other unwanted particles. The fan has regulation facility to govern the speed. It is safe and energy efficient. It has inbuilt loading system which graps the crop, which saves the human being from being cause of accident.

Cutter Thersher:

Cutter Thersher

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Cutter Thresher The Thresher machine provided our company is compatible in working with every model of tractors. Thresher machine was invented by Andrew Meikle. Thresher machine was invented in early 1780s. Thresher machine is used for agriculture purpose. Thresher machines are used for separating wheat, maize, sorghum, grains, sunflower, ragi, millets, mustard & pulses from their chaff and straw. Earlier threshing was done by hand with a fail or trampling by animal hooves. It’s development has resulted in increased agricultural productivity. Now with the introduction of threshing machine, human effort has been reduced. These machines use power from tractor or electric motors/diesel engines.

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As soon as the threshing machine is started, bundles of grains are put into threshing machine bundle feeder. Grains bundles are transported to the threshing machine cylinders by bundle feeders. Here most of the grain is separated from stalks. The grain which is separated falls on the bottom of threshing machine while the remaining shaff and dust are removed by a fan. Thresher machine consist of an elevator which transports the loose grain into a grain wagon. Straw is continuously battered in the cylinder so that all the grain can be removed from the stalk. This process is repeated continuously. “Ground hog” was first type of thresher. It has a drum which consist of spikes which makes a coordination with the make shift concave. A mixture of grain, straw, chaff come from the machine is separated by a method called winnowing. It has equipment called open shacker through which grain falls on canvas and at the end of shacker straw is collected. Grains are further separated by winnowing from the chaffs and short straws. We provide quality products to ensure the best range for our customers. Moreover, these products have undergone proper quality and safety checks according to various parameters.

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Cultivator MF Type Cultivator is a farm implement which is mainly used for tillage. Cultivator is used for pulverizing and stirring the soil. It is used at both times. Firstly when we have not plant the crop. At that time it is used to aerate the soil so that a smooth and loose seedbed can be prepared. Secondly when we have plant the crop. At that time it can be used to kill weeds. They are not like harrows which disturbs the whole surface of soil. They are designed in such a way that they disturb the coil in a careful pattern, leaving the crop plants disrupting the soil. Basically cultivators are self-propelled or can be carried out with two-wheel tractor or four-wheel tractor. In two wheel tractors they are fixed rigidly and connected to the tractor’s transmission through coupling. In four wheel tractors they are connected by three-point hitch and driven by power take-off. Industrial cultivators have a great importance in today’s agricultural farming. They have great size and shape. They are equipped with hydraulic wings which make it easier to travel on road safely. They are used in preparation of field and for the control of weed before and after planting. Field cultivators are used in tillage operations. It’s function is to prepare a seedbed for the crop. We provide quality of products to meet the customer’s need. Moreover, these products have undergone proper quality and safety checks according to various parameters.

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Disc Plough Disc plough is used for cultivation of soil where plants are grown. It’s another use is to remove unwanted weeds and crop remainders. Disc ploughs has iron and steel disc which are slightly concave in nature. It has 4 sections and appears to form an “X”. It is mounted to the tractor used for preparation of land. It is very useful in dry and harsh land conditions and where scouring is a problem. It works on both sides that are both left and right. While ploughing , it automatically reverses its position thus saving time and consumption of diesel. It is more apt for big portions of land especially in rocky agricultural land. Mouldboard plough can work with any kind of soil whether it is tougher or simpler. With the help of this plough, ploughing work can be done easily. It has resistant steel bottoms with bar points so that toughest ploughing work can be done easily. Our company provides great quality of discs plough that is persistent and capable of doing large amount of work. We manufacture greater quality of ploughs which are widely used in agricultural farming for the soil cultivation .Our company uses superior quality raw materials and equipments .These disc ploughs have resistive steel bottoms so that they can do ploughing job easily. We have all varieties of plough like disc plough, agricultural plough, disc plough tubular, agricultural disc plough and mouldboard plough. We provide quality products to ensure the best range for our customers. Moreover, these products have undergone proper quality and safety checks according to various parameters.

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Seed Drill Machine A seed drill is a machine which is used for sowing seeds in the soil and then covering them. Jethro Tullis invented the seed drill machine. Earlier when the seed drill machine was not invented, seeds were planted by hands. It was not useful as seeds were not properly distributed which affect the growth of the plant and a large amount of land was wasted .Productivity was also largely affected. That’s why came seed drill machine. It improves the ratio of crop yield to large extent. Our company provides greater quality of seed drill machines that can perform multiple works. Our product range is cost effective and affordable. We have experienced professionals who have expertise in providing greater quality of seed drill machine. We provide greater quality of raw material and equipments that are used in the manufacturing of seed drill machine. The design, engineering, and manufacturing processes involved in manufacturing seed drill machine is of excellent quality. Moreover, these products have undergone proper quality and safety checks according to various parameters. They can sow seeds in proper row at proper depth and particular speed rate. Tube of drill machine dig a hole at particular depth and put down one or more seeds and then cover it up. Due to this, the seed germinates consistently and crop yields magnificently. It also plays an important role in weed control.

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Bhadriya Agro Engineers Opposite Maheshwari Petrol Pump, Jaipur Road, Chomu, Jaipur - Rajasthan. Contact Person : Mr. Shrawan Kumar Contact No. : + 91 - 94139 - 00777 Email - Bhadriya Agro Industries Khatiyon ki Pakki Dhani, Beed, Morija, Chomu, Jaipur - Rajasthan. Contact Person : Mr. Shimbhu Dayal Contact No. : + 91 - 9829556524 Email - C ontact Us

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