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A simple astrological reading from any of the best astrologers in India can tell you what your Sun and Moon signs are and what impact they have on your life...


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5 Benefits of Astrology Reading Explained By Best Astrologers Astrology is known as the study of movements of celestial bodies and their positions to determine the occurrence of human affairs or predict their future. It is an ancient tradition that was once prevalent only among the academic circles of various cultures including Indian Chinese Mayan and ancient Western cultures. Astrology scholars studied the movements of the celestial bodies along with other subjects such as alchemy astronomy medicine and meteorology in their quest to understand the world better. While many believe in its power and many do not it is undeniable that astrology readings serve a far greater purpose than just entertainment in the form of columns in the daily newspapers. Astrology has to its credit a number of benefits: 1. Understanding Oneself A simple astrological reading from any of the best astrologers in India can tell you what your Sun and Moon signs are and what impact they have on your life. The study of the sun moon and the other celestial bodies and how they cross paths can determine why you are drawn to certain people and why certain things seem appealing to you. Astrological readings tell you what people are made of and what they can cope with. 2. Knowing One’s Skills and Abilities The sun and moon signs can determine and influence the many skills a person may have in their lifetime because each sun sign correlates to a set of unique and identifiable character trait that is determined by the position of the celestial bodies during the time of a person’s birth. 3. Understanding the Cycle of Life In astrology the various phases in life are affected by the cycles that the celestial bodies follow. For example the sun’s cycle passes through every zodiac sign where it stays in each of them for one month. Similarly the moon has four

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cycles every twenty-nine days each starting from the new moon to the full moon and back. Astrology has proven that each of these celestial cycles has an impact on your life and your personality. 4. Determining the Life Path Astrology aids in the discovery of the life path of every individual. The position of the celestial bodies during the time of an individual’s birth determines certain character traits in each individual which makes them apt for certain kinds of paths in their life. The knowledge of astrology and astrological readings help determine this path for them. 5. Compatibility of Relationships Since the celestial bodies and their paths influence the nature of one’s personalities likes and dislikes it also can be extended to understand the compatibility of relationships. Certain zodiac signs due to their characteristic traits are compatible very well with certain other zodiac signs while being incompatible with certain others. Astrological readings can therefore help determine the compatibility of a relationship. Astrology relies on the study of patterns and tendencies that are showcased by both celestial bodies and their subjects on earth. The movements of planets and stars are not without any effect on the earth’s atmosphere. The simple movements of the sun and moon can create tides and other atmospheric changes. This further enforces the fact that it is not quite unlikely for these very same movements to have a ripple effect on the personalities of those living and breathing on earth. While the universe is vast and constantly expanding nothing in it exists that is not a consequence of something else that happened before it. If enough of the variables can be defined in this sequence of actions then the prediction of future occurrences and terrestrial activities within laboratory settings in what is called the scientific method would also be quite possible.

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