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Browning or brown rot This is caused by Boron deficiency.  It appears as water soaked areas and later changes into rusty brown.  Spray one kg of Borax in 500 lit of water 30 days after planting.


Whiptail Cause :  Deficiency of molybdenum in the soil, or growing these crops on very acid soils.  Symptoms:  Leaf blades do not develop properly and may be straplike and severely savoyed (crinkled ). In severe cases only the midribs develop, which accounts for the name whiptail. The growing point is usually severely deformed and does not produce a marketable head. In severe cases there is a stimulation of sprouts on the base of plants.  Remedy :  Lime the soil to pH 6.5 and use soil applications of low rates of molybdenum where deficiency exists. Deficiency seldom occurs on soils with pH 6.0 to 7.0.

Browning or brown rot :

Buttoning The term buttoning is applied to the development of small curds or buttons. The plants do not develop normally and leaves remain small and do not cover the developing curds. Deficiency of Nitrogen and planting the early varieties late may cause these symptoms. Avoid transplanting aged seedlings.


Blindness Blind-cauliflower plants are those without terminal buds. The leaves are large, thick, leathery and dark green. It is due to the prevalence of low temperature when the plants are young or due to damage to the terminal bud during handling the plants or due to injury by pests.

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