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Veeba is an online food and mayonnaise selling company its deals in mayonnaise and sauces and dips


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happiness is... 1 ways to make life taste better

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Veeba’s exciting new range of 19 spreads mayos dips toppings and sauces will add a smile to everything you make. Don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to try them all. Because that’s the Veebalicious way to share happiness.

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Rs.84 275g Rs.84 surprise is... discovering that your favourite classic mayo is 100 vegetarian 200 yummy mayonnaise 6 that make everything delicious in countless ways .

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Rs.84 275g Rs.84 275g thrill is... enjoying creamy sandwiches and submarines without worrying about calories. Rs.84 indulgence is... treating yourself to layer-on-layer of this classic mayo day after day

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Rs.84 280g “wow” is... Rs.84 “wow” is... “wow” is... the mayo that makes your mom the ‘burger queen’. Rs.84 280g originality is... coming up with great ideas to enj oy this punchy new mayo

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that spread happiness in breakfasts snacks and tiffi n boxes. sandwich spreads 5 Rs.84 275g Rs.84 smartness is... transforming boring rotis into zingy rolls with a slathering of spicy mayo and fresh veggies.

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Rs.89 275g fun is... inventing many different sandwiches with just one zingy spread Rs.89 280g comfort is... knowing your child’s lunch box will never be boring again. Rs.89 275g

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the burst of fl avour when you bite into a sandwich made with the coolest ingredients Rs.89 280g freshness is... when you bite into when you bite into Rs.94 280g Rs.94 envy is... when your friend’s snack is yummier than yours. until you reach for Veeba

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that make pizzas pastas and sandwiches taste truly international. italian sauces english mustard 3 1 italian sauces english 3 1 Rs.89 310g “yippee” is... the surprise on your child’s face when a sandwich becomes a yummy pizza-wich

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easy is... tossing up an authentic Italian pasta in a jiffy Rs.89 310g Rs.89 310g 12 Rs.89 310g genius is... creating home-made pizzas that are amazingly better than anything you can order in.

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Rs.74 300g joy is... knowing your hotdog has found a zesty new best friend. discovering the Italian masterchef within you Rs.99 285g delight is...

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Rs.109 360g Rs.109 360g excitement is... spicing up nachos and midnight snacks with authentic Mexican salsa. excitement is... spicing up nachos spicing up nachos and midnight snacks excitement is... excitement is... excitement is... excitement is... dips 4 dips 4 that add zing to everything snacky at your party

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Rs.109 300g Rs.109 300g cool is... knowing your favourite dip will jazz up any impromptu get together. Rs.99 335g “aha” is... when ordinary snacks are served with this extraordinarily zesty burst of fl avour Rs.99

slide 14:

Rs.99 300g “awesome” is... what you hear when everything you serve brightens up with this dip Rs.99

slide 15:

VEEBA FOOD SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Contact: House No. 2 Ground Floor Lane 1 Westend Marg Saidulajab MB Road New Delhi 110030 T: +91 11 43312222 | M: +91 9810283001 9322670170 8527347200 | www.

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