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Vijay JI, mind blowing job done by you. Really you are doing yeoman's service in this field. Hats off. Sukhdev

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Thanks a lot Sukhdev for ur kind wishes and motivation.


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Please tell me with reason.

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not a usefull ppt

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Thank u dear.

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Revision ofDeterminersfor 10th Class (2009-10) : 

Revision ofDeterminersfor 10th Class (2009-10) Vijay Gupta, M.A., B.Ed., PGCTE, M.Phil. Country Winner of Microsoft’s ITLA G. H. S. Arni Wala Sheikh Subhan

Exercise No. 1 : 

Exercise No. 1 Mrs. Sharma went to bazaar and bought _______ honey from ____ shop. ___ shopkeeper gave him _____ honey. When Mr. Sharma was coming back, he saw ______ girls who were playing in ____ ground. ______ of them were looking very pretty. _____ girls were wearing beautiful clothes. Mr. Sharma was happy to see _____ girls in ________ joyful mood. some a The the some the Some The the a

Exercise No. 2 : 

Exercise No. 2 In my last summer vacation I went to ______ historical place. It was _______ very beautiful place. ______ of the members of my family went along with me. ______ father was very fond of visiting _______ place. We did not have _______ luggage with us. _______ people came to see ________ place. We didn’t face ______ difficulty there because we had visited _______ place ______ a time. a a All My that much Many that any that many

Exercise No. 3 : 

Exercise No. 3 Our class teacher organized _____ birthday party at her home. Only _________ girls were present in _____ party. I bought _____ umbrella as ____ gift for her as I had only ____ small amount of money with me. Our class teacher was wearing _____ saree. She was looking very beautiful in ______ attire. We had never seen her in ________ type of attire earlier. ________ of the girls wished her _______ long life. She is ______ favourite teacher. her a few the a a a her that All a an our

Exercise No. 4 : 

Exercise No. 4 Chandigarh is _______ capital of Punjab. It is ______ favourite city. I have visited this city _______ times. I especially like ______ Rose Garden and ________ Sukhana Lake. ________ people come to _______ city for relaxation. We always stay at _____ uncle’s place whenever we go to Chandigarh. Life in Chandigarh is very busy and people do not have ________ time to spare. _________ people go there to earn __________ livelihood. the my many the the Many this my any Many their

Exercise No. 5 : 

Exercise No. 5 I have _______ friend who looks as stupid as ________ owl. I tried to bring ________ to senses _________ times but she is ______ hard nut to crack. She likes ________ way she lives. She does not want ________ interference in ________ life style. Though she is __________ educated girl, _________ temperament is not __________ good. May God give __________ wisdom and strength to fight __________ odds of life! a an her many a the any her an her very her her

Exercise No. 6 : 

Exercise No. 6 _____ poor peasant went off early in ______ morning to plough. He saw no one. Yet someone had certainly been there. He lost ______ piece of bread. It was _____ imp who had stolen ______ bread. The imp went to _____ devil, _____ master. The peasant spoke angrily to _______ wife. This pleased the devil even more. The devil praised _____ imp and forgive ________. The next year, ______ imp advised _________ peasant to sow on _____ hill. A the his an his the his his the him the the a

Exercise No. 7 : 

Exercise No. 7 My grandmother was ________ old lady. _______ parents left me with _______. She clasped me in ______ arms. She sang ________ songs for me and told me ________ stories. I liked ______ way she spoke. I acted upon ______ advice she gave to me. She had ______ old porch in ______ house. All ______ villagers approached _______ whenever they had _______ problem. She tried to solve ________ problems. an My her her many many the her an her the her any their

Exercise No. 8 : 

Exercise No. 8 Rosie sat on ______ bench in ______ garden. She was dressed in ______ eye-catching attire. _____ elderly gentleman sat by ________ side. It was ____ pleasant afternoon. ______ birds were chirping in _____ garden. She heard the beautiful songs of ___ nightingale. The scene pleased ______ and harmonized with _______ mood. After ______ time her place on _______ bench was taken by someone else. She asked him to leave ______ place but he did not listen to _______ appeal. a the an An her a The the a her her some the the her

Exercise No. 9 : 

Exercise No. 9 Ram opened _____ bag and spread out _____ articles. His eyes had ____ searching look for customers. He was _____ astrologer. He was as much _____ stranger to _____ stars as were _____ customers. He had _____ good knowledge about _____ sufferings of people. He predicted _____ future and _____ people believed that what he told them was true. He had read ________ good books and he was _____ expert in _____ profession. He earned ________ money from ______ profession. his the a an a the his a the the the many an his much his

Exercise No. 10 : 

Exercise No. 10 India is _____ country. We are proud of ______ rich heritage. There are ______ languages spoken in _____ country. Delhi is ____ capital of India. _____ partition of India took place in 1947. Pt. J. L. Nehru was ____ first PM of Independent India. _______ people sacrificed their lives to save _____ honour of _______ country. We can’t forget ______ sacrifice and ______ way they fought ______ battles for _______ sake of ________ country. our its many our the The the Many the their their the many the their

Home Task : 

Home Task Please do all these exercises at home whenever you are free. Keep one thing in mind that practice makes a man perfect and hard work is the key to success. Do work hard. Do your work with honesty and dedication. May God bless you! May you get success in your life! Thank you for your kind attention.

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