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Nowadays buy corrugated boxes online in India is increasingly booming in packaging and shipping industries because corrugated boxes provide better protection and available in different sizes, designs and affordable prices that add more value to your product and business.


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Buy Corrugated Packing Box and Cartons Online and Safeguard Your Products When it comes to supplying goods or products from one place to another most people opt for the corrugated boxes. Whether it is for personal home use or a commercial one corrugated boxes and cartons are a safer choice. If you are looking to buy packaging boxes and carton online then visit the Gujarat Shopee online portal. It offers corrugated boxes online for all packaging purpose.

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We manufacture premium quality corrugated boxes in a wide range. We make all kinds of carton boxes like 3 ply 5 ply 7 Ply etc. We have 12 years of experience in manufacture corrugated boxes. We provide low-cost corrugated boxes for complex packaging solutions for heavy industries. If you are doing retail business then you can buy carton box online on our website in very short shipping and at lower prices. Gujarat Shopee provides solutions for all kind packaging problems. Apart from corrugated boxes we provide you many packaging products online such as Food Packaging Ecommerce Packaging and Bio-Degradable Product Packaging etc. We are able to provide end-to-end packaging solutions to the online seller. Generally corrugated box used for packing and shipping items. Corrugated Boxes are also known as corrugated Boards in common language which is made of high strength fluted cardboard. It is 100 Biodegradable and recyclable. Single wall corrugated box: Single-walled corrugated boxes are usually used for lightweight products like this box is used more in online businesses. These boxes are made of an inner and outer liner around a layer of flute. Single wall Corrugated box is also known as 3 Ply Corrugated Box. All types of objects can be stored in single-walled corrugated boxes and this box can be easily customized based on

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flute thickness. We can easily send this box through post providing you with less cost-effective light and adequate protection. Double wall corrugated box: Double-walled corrugated boxes are usually used for home or for shipping more expensive and heavy items. These boxes are made of double wall board with two outer liners an inner liner and two-layer paper. Due to these boxes being durable we can keep the box easily on one another. Double wall corrugated Box is also known as 5 Ply Corrugated Box. Double-walled corrugated boxes provide better cushioning and shock absorption due to durable. Why Use Corrugated Packaging 1. Some corrugated boxes are also those which can be reused for packaging of new items and due to recycled energy required to make new packing boxes and other Reduces the cost of materials. 2. Today customers like goods that are light in weight. Therefore corrugated packaging is light and convenient at the time of shopping packing loading or unloading. 3. Corrugated boxes provide better protection for you because manufacturers want their products to be safely accessible to the market and in very short periods.

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4. According to your product we make corrugated packaging boxes of different sizes and different designs which have a huge range of items that will increase the value of both your product and business. 5. On corrugated packing box we can easily print. Many companies print their brands and logos on the box so that the use of the companys brand in the market creates awareness among its consumers. 6. There is no need to spend hours on the internet or calling companies to pack or purchase any of your content. You can go to our website and easily buy corrugated boxes online in India and many other packaging products at a very low price. Types of Corrugated Box: Regular Slotted Container Regularly slotted container is the most common box styling. The length of this box is equal to the length of all the flap scores. This box is used for small personal items such as cups and mugs shipping books etc. Half Slotted Container

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There is not much difference between half slotted containers and regular form slated containers. There is only one set of flaps in half slotted containers. Due to the open side of the box we can slide an item easily. Half slotted containers are used for large and heavy items such as refrigerators and washing machines. Die Cut Box Die cut box is made for your exact product size. Die-cut term means using a knife or rotary. Die cut box is used for cosmetic product box toy product box gift product box. Creased and Slotted Trays Corrugated trays are used in the food and beverage industry products such as bottled water soft drinks snack foods and bulk canned processed foods etc.

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Corner Cut Folder Box Corner Cut Folder Box Widely used for Book Folder Poster packing picture frames etc. It is designed with one piece of board cut. Types of Flutes: A Flute The absolute first kind of corrugated flute made this sort is frequently utilized for wrap or stacking. B Flute This type of flute is much slim than others so the B-flute is quite sturdy. This flute is used for counter display canned food and dye-cut box. C Flute The thickness of this type of flute is between A and B. Due to being flexible and bendable mostly used in cardboard boxes. C type flute is used for shipping package. E Flute This type of flute is very thin so it is not used for shipping. This kind of flute is used mostly for cosmetics and personal items. F Flute This kind of flute is used mostly for foods such as a box for hamburgers and other disposable items.

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Benefits of Corrugated Box  Extremely lightweight  Versatile used in many industries  Completely recyclable  Low purchase costs vs. alternative transport packaging products Contact Details: Visit the website

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