The carnation in the painting, the religious carnation

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The religious carnation … symbol the Virgin’s love of Christ, symbol of Christ’s sacrifice, the passion of and the suffering in Christian art


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symbol the Virgin’s love of Christ, symbol of Christ’s sacrifice, the passion of and the suffering in Christian art symbol of earthly love, devotion symbol of marriage or betrothal symbol of distinction symbol of fascination, passion in European Renaissance art, especially in portraiture


“flower of God” the Greek name for carnation, dianthus …


The carnation in the painting


The religious carnation …


According to a Christian legend, carnations grew from the Virgin Mary’s tears as she watched Jesus carry the cross ...


an Italian Renaissance palace ... Virgin Mary playing with the Christ child and handing him carnations ... symbol of divine love and of Christ’s Passion, his torture and crucifixion Raphael Raphaël Madonna of the Pinks La Vierge aux œillets 1506-1507 National Gallery, Londres


three cherries, the number associated with the Trinity a carnation, symbol of the Passion and a passion flower ... in the painting, the miraculous new flower tops the older one Joos van Cleve Madonna and Child Vierge à l’enfant 1530-1535 Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati


a Madonna with the look towards an unknown, but very troubling future … red color, symbol of the Passion of the Lord Albrecht Dürer The Madonna of the Carnation La Madone à l'œillet 1516 Alte Pinakothek , Munich


a room with two windows a mountain scenery on the far horizon ... Mary holds a red carnation that suggests the Passion Leonardo da Vinci Léonard de Vinci The Madonna of the Carnation La Madone à l'œillet 1478-1480 Alte Pinakothek , Munich


a carnation in a pot ... Christ child embrace his future sacrifice on the cross his mother pensive expression implies her comprehension of what his action signifies Bernardino Luni Madonna of the Carnation La Vierge à l’œillet 1515 National Gallery of Art, Washington


the ingenuousness of a miniature painter ... the heads revolving around the Child the prayer book St. Catherine's crucifix the Madonna's carnation and the hands touching things without grasping them Bergognone (Ambrogio da Fossano) Madonna and Child, St. Catherine of Siena and a Carthusian Monk Vierge et l'Enfant, Santa Caterina da Siena , et un Chartreux 1490 Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan


a devotional book cherries, like the apple, symbol of original sin a goldfinch, symbolic of the Passion of Jesus and a carnation, emblem of love Vittore Crivelli Madonna and Child with Two Angels Vierge à l'enfant avec deux anges 1481-1482 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


swallow and a pot with carnations … an immortal principle - swallow , eternity next to a mortal principle - carnation, corporality , carnus carnation, the flesh Carlo Crivelli La Madonna della Rondine (The Madonna of the Swallow ) La Vierge à l'hirondelle 1490 National Gallery , London


a round throne two angels Virgin, high rounded forehead Child with his awkwardly turned leg and the carnation, which here can refer to salvation Master of the Bruges Legend of St. Ursula Maître de la Légende de sainte Ursule Diptych with the Virgin and Child and Three Donors Diptyque de la Vierge à l’Enfant avec trois donateurs 1486 Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten , Antwerp


the exquisite still life in the foreground ... a sheaf of wheat two vases of flowers white irises symbolize purity, orange lilies refer to the Passion columbine stalks represent the seven sorrows of the Virgin Mary and three red carnations symbolize to the bloodied nails of Christ's cross Hugo van der Goes Portinari Altarpiece Triptyque Portinari 1477-1478 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

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