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Guido Baechler is giving you details about some Inspirational Movies. Guido Baechler Jeridoo believes you must watch these movies as they really motivates you to stand and fight.


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Top Five Inspirational Movies:

Top Five Inspirational Movies B y: Guido Baechler

1: Rocky:

1 : Rocky We really hate to be predictable, but it’s undeniable. Rocky is perhaps the biggest, feel- goodest inspirational movies of all time. Amazing theme song, underdog champion, Sylvester Stallone…you can’t get any better than that. He is likeable, even if he is unintelligible, and you are rooting for him…really rooting for him…even when he does the raw egg drink thing.

2: Stand & Deliver:

2 : Stand & Deliver It was hard to pick from all the “difficult class with inspirational teacher” movies. Coach Carter was in the running, as was The Freedom Writers and Lean On Me. Stand & Deliver won by a margin, mainly because of the stunning performance of Edward James Olmos as Jamie Escalante and partially because the author is a rabid Battlestar Galactica fan (joke…or is it?).

3: La Vita E Bella (Life Is Beautiful):

3 : La Vita E Bella (Life Is Beautiful) If you know nothing else about this movie other than Roberto Benigni’s exuberant Oscar acceptance speech you should stop reading and head directly to your video store. Do not pass Go. If you have seen it, you will agree that the Hero-Likeability-a-Meter is off the charts for this movie, as Benigni’s Guido is charming and loveable all the way through.

4: The Pursuit of Happyness:

4 : The Pursuit of Happyness Now , we realize that some people might say that this movie belongs at number one. Others might argue that it doesn’t belong on the list at all. We give it a ten for overcoming obstacles, because to go from being a failed bone density scanner salesman to being the crazy entrepreneur that Chris Gardner turned out to be is pretty amazing.

5: It’s A Wonderful Life:

5 : It’s A Wonderful Life Say what you will, but this is a movie about a guy who gets to see what the world would be like without him. And, lucky for George Bailey, the world is a pretty crappy place without him, so he gets another chance to come back and appreciate his life. As a side note, how hard could life be if you’re married to Donna Reed? I guess we could ask Tony Owen.

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