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Sally Rosenbaum Art


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Bert Brons – Sally  Rosenbaum Art


Sally Rosenbaum is a resident of northern California in the beautiful Napa Valley Wine Country. She is published by Applejack Art partners, Marcel Schurman Papers, American Greetings, the Wendover Artgroup , Landmark Calendars, Avon, and Broderbund software. Her work portrays the moments in time that we treasure and enjoy most. “One of my greatest joys regarding my work is to know that it finds a home and it becomes a part of a family or an individual's visual memory. If it can cause you to pause and reflect on the richness of life, then I am thrilled”. Sally Rosenbaum studied fine art at UC BERKELEY where she received a BA in fine art. She went on to receive a masters in Art education and elementary education. She has studied with individuals as diverse as Elmer Bishchoff , Peter Voulkos , Earle Loran and Don Hatfield. Her work is continually evolving as she explores both subject matter and the properties of the artistic materials. Now you can have a canvas or paper print of her work in a variety of sizes to suit your personal preferences.


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