GuezzIt – It’s Fun And It’s Brainy!

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Mobile games are very popular for a reason. GuezzIt is a word game that is captivating engaging and very interactive. This game captivates the interest of players of all ages and poses a challenge to one and all.


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GuezzIt – It’s Fun And It’s Brainy!:

GuezzIt – It’s Fun And It’s Brainy!


Introduction For those mobile games enthusiasts especially word games, here’s something new – a word guessing game.  Guezz It  is a new age word guessing game that is fun to play and challenging enough to interest your brains. The game seems fairly simple, but once you get started, you cannot just put it down.

What is it and how to play it:

Guezz It is a mobile game that can be enjoyed by one and all. It is ageless. Children as well as adults can enjoy it equally. The central idea revolves around looking for similarities in the clues given and identifying what the word is (or the place is).  The game begins with selection between three different levels – easy, medium and hard. You select the level and each level has over hundred stages to complete. When you tap on the first stage, you will be given a choice to find the similarity between four different images. What is it and how to play it

It’s fun and it’s brainy:

Some games are for fun and some games are for the brainy. Some games captivate you with awesome graphics and some others are light leisure. Well, Guezz It has it all covered. You get to brainstorm and you get easy guesses. You get great graphics too. Guezz It can be played at your leisure time and can really help you unwind. It’s fun and it’s brainy


Conclusion It’s truly said that mobile games can be great stress busters – better than any other methods. When you are tired and back from a day’s work, you can relax and unwind with a round of Guezz It. It’s refreshing and places you in a totally different world for some time – and not to mention the joy of winning that it brings!

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