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Presented by Hilda Guanipa Level 6 July 2008 What Happens in Vegas

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Introduction Development Fast fact Summary Cast Trivia The Critics My Opinion music track, Fun Pictures. Agenda

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Fast fact

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Summary What Happens in Vegas

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Two people Joy and Jack discover they've gotten married a night in Vegas with one of them winning a jackpot after playing the other's quarter The pair trys to undermine each other and get their hands on the money ... falling in love along the way.

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CAST Cameron Diaz as Joy McNally Ashton Kutcher as Jack Fuller Michelle Krusiec as Chong The Bad One The Good Ones Rob Corddry as Jeffrey "Hater" Lewis Lake Bell as Toni "Tipper" Saxson Queen Latifah as Dr. Twitchell

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Cameron Diaz Ashton Kutcher Rob Corddry Lake Bell Krysten Ritter Jason Sudeikis Ex-Boyfriend Ex-Girlfriend Best Friend Best Friend Michelle Krusiec Queen Latifah Are not friends Fall in Love Counselor Counselor Are not friends

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Trivia ¿You know? Factual errors: The slot machine that pays out the 3 Million Dollars is a progressive slot machine. The viewer can see by the payout chart on the machine they are playing that one quarter with a max pay out hit would only pay 1000 quarters. It would take two quarters to hit the progressive jackpot of three million dollars. Audio/visual unsynchronized: At the retreat you can clearly see the drummer not making contact with the snare drum. His brush is in mid-air. Continuity: At the retreat, when Joy slaps the "Hello my name is Joy's Bitch" sticker on Chong's back, you can see it shift places and angles from shot to shot. Continuity: The male stripper takes his shirt off twice.

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The critics What did the critics say? What Happens in Vegas feels oddly desperate, as though its principals felt the need to overcompensate for the too-neat symmetry of opening scenes with over-the-top violence and bright orange tans (Diaz looks like a Nutter Butter). Bell and Corddry break no new ground as the angry best friends, but get in some decent lines -- Bell especially. And Dennis Farina is suitably menacing as Joy's boss.

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My opinion about the track music, costumes, photography, acting… I thing the soundtrack is a little old. but The photography and acting are exelent ... What´s the message in the movie? not get carried away by Money Would you recommend it to other people? Yes, i thing is very funny movie. Would you buy the DVD? Yes, I Would My Opinion

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Fun Pictures

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Fun Pictures

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Fun Photos

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Fun Pictures

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