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Agenda 1. About me 2. Beauty 3. Technology and gadgets 5. Fun Tag 4. My new Friend

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About me My name’s HILDA CAROLINA GUANIPA I´m 21 Years old, and I study engineering at URBE

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About English, I love listen to music and watch TV in English. The TV in English is very good exercise to me.

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I Like I don´t Like Chocolate Go out with my friends. Talking in the phone vistit my friends and family mom´s food Get up Early Wash Dashes Clean my house smoking injustice

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The Beauty I think everybody have a different ways to look at beauty, some people have piercing or tattoos and these people feel so good, and sometimes they are very sexy, but many tattoos and piercing in a body in my view, is not pretty.

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Technology and gadgets In My Opinión The Technology Is A Very Important In The Life Of People Because They Make More Easy The Life… Laptop Computer Mp3 Player Celular Phone

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My New Friend, Angelica I have a new friend, her name is Angelica...      Angelica is 19 years old, and she study industrial engineering at URBE. She love music , surfing the net , talking on the phone. and she realy LOVE CHOCOLATE.... But, She hate smoking, getting up early everyday.

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Fun Tag...! Fun Tag...! Fun Tag...! Fun Tag...! Fun Tag...! Fun Tag...! Fun Tag...! Fun Tag...! Fun Tag...!

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