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David Mazlin Is a Professional Salsa Dancer who runs a certified salsa dance academy in his native town & teaches salsa dancing to a number of students.


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David Mazlin :

David Mazlin Professional Salsa Dancer

David Mazlin A Professional Salsa Dancer:

David Mazlin A Professional Salsa Dancer

David Mazlin Owner of Salsa Dance Academy :

David Mazlin Owner of Salsa Dance Academy David Mazlin was born in a small village in the UK. He was a very brilliant student and always used to participate in a number of cultural activities in his school. David had a great passion for dancing and would spend long hours while dancing. He joined dance classes at the age of 7 and started to hone his dancing skills. Initially, he started taking formal lessons in Folklorico dance style and after that he began learning Salsa at the age of 15.

David Mazlin :

David Mazlin He worked very hard to conquer his worries, display elegance, poise and to be technically correct so that David could look like confident during his dance classes. When he started learning salsa, the main problem he would face while trying this dance form was that he would usually forget to concentrate on the music. Therefore, David Mazlin would pay more attention to his shortcomings so that he could become skilled in salsa dancing. After attending a few days in salsa dancing classes, he learnt when and how to dance on beats, melody and other important sounds that a salsa dancer is expected to follow with his or her dance movements. His performance improved day by day and he became skilled at how to do every dance step with grace and ease.

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