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Gryphon’s Sectional Garage Doors are elegant, sophisticated and modern in design that is suited for residential and commercial settings. Visit us :


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Types of garage doors Tilt doors A garage door made of a single panel that tilts back and up thanks to torsions springs. Before picking a tilt door consider whether you have enough space in front of the door and along the ceiling so the door can tilt properly. Roller Doors Roller doors are some of the common types of garage door you will find on the market. They are an economical choice though greater quality material will cost you a little more. You will need enough ceiling space above the entrance to allow the steel curtain to roll on properly. Sectional doors Sectional doors are made of several large horizontal panels hinged together. They lift and move into the space below the ceiling. They are highly versatile as there are plenty of panels material and colours to choose from. They can fit any architecture style.

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Material and looks CONS • More expensive than standard Colorbond colours •Can turn yellow over tim e •Not commonly used these days •Material can break easily • Poorinsulation • Usually restricted to one piece tilt style •More expensive Limited colour availability •Concerns of fading peeling and flaking in Australia’s •harsh weather conditions • More expensive •Need regular maintenance every 1-2 years •Can be expensive •Can rot or warp over tim e in extrem e tem peratures •When wet can add weight and stress to the motor and springs STEEL Pro •Durable stronger than wood or aluminium •Sensibly priced •Low maintenance •Comes in various looksWon’t fare well to impact dents from footballs basketballs •Can corrode or rust in coastal areas best to powder coat •brackets and hinges • and textures •Can be powder coated Con •Dents easily with •Can corrode or rust FIBERGLASS Pro •Can be translucent •Can mimic various materials Con •Can turn yellow over time •Can easily break ALUMINIUM Pro •Lighter than steel •Has improved over the years to be sturdier than before •Comes in textures and finishes like: Wood Look Honeycomb Perspex Aluminium Composite •Can be cladded with virtually any •material Con • More expensive It can be overwhelming to have to pick a material as they all come with their own perks and downsides. But we have laid out your main options here:

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Manual or automated Garage doors can be manually or electrically operated that is to say a motor would do the lifting job for you in a few seconds. Consider this before you make your decision. Manual doors: PROs: • Not as expensive as automated garage doors • Less upkeep as there are no chances of electrical issues occurring • Physical exercise • Easier to install CONs: • Straining – need to do the lifting and lowering every single time • Less practical you will need to get out of your car when you go in or out to open and close the door Manual doors: PROs: • Easy to operate • Practical open and close from the comfort of your car • Safety – no need to leave the car and your wallet behind CONs: • More expensive than manual doors • Maintenance and issues may occur more than with a manual door due to electrical aspect • Can’t lose the garage door remote

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