Gryffin 358 Welded Mesh Makes The Ideal High-Security Steel Fence

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Gryffin 358 Welded Mesh makes the ideal high-security steel fence and safety barrier cladding, and is widely adopted across: high security fencing and gate applications; equipment protection; safety barriers.


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GRYFFIN ® 358 WELDED MESH Australian Made Gryffn ® 358 welded mesh is a robust cut and climb resistant high see-through barrier cladding and is an industry standard in security and safety applications.

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WELDED MESH APPLICATIONS GRYFFIN ® 358 Is a small 72.2 x 8.7mm aperture rectangular welded mesh cladding ideal for high security applications. It’s key attributes are: • Small apertur es – diffcult t o climb/ cut • R obus t w eld t ensile s tr engths • L ong lif e zinc/ aluminium c oa ting • Ma y be po w der c oa t ed • See thr ough • High air fo w • Anti-thr o w • Pr ef err ed and specifed f or det ention f acilities and pr ot ecting v aluable as sets critical infrastructure • V e r s a t i l e - man y diff er ent applica tions • Det ention f acilities: C orr ections Immigr a tion Mental Health • Utility sit es: Electricity Gas Water T elecoms • Rail R oad Bridges • Airports • P orts • C ommer cial • Da ta C ent ers • C ouncil • Depots • Def ense • Sports gr ounds • W indo w grills • Equipment enclosur es SPECIFICATIONS • Electrically w elded a t e v ery int ersection • Horiz ontal apertur e: 7 2.2mm • V ertical apertur e: 8. 7mm • W ir e: 4mm diamet er • P anel width: 2366mm • Height: up t o 5400mm • Solidity: 3 5 • W eight: 9 .34k g/ m 2 • W ir e t ensile s tr ength: 500 t o 625 N/ mm 2 • W eld shear s tr ength: A v er age 7 5 of minimum wir e t ensile s tr ength. Ex c eeds A S 2 423-200 2 • W ir e c oa ting: Be zinal R 2000 - 90 Zinc 10 Aluminium A v er age 300 g/ m 2 minimum 260 g/ m 2 T o A S/NZ S 45 34:2006 Clas s W10Z10A • Ma y be c ombined with a v ariety of f enc e frames and topping designs • Suits Gryfe x smart er solution c orner posts • Single double and sliding ga t es a v ailable manual or automated • Other W elded Mesh c oa tings and products are also available C ontact Gryffn f or a cus t om solution f or your site Gryffn Pty L t d 8 Bes semer R d Ba y s w a t er V ic 315 3 Ph. 0 3 9 7 6 1 45 22 Fx. 0 3 9 7 6 1 4 134 w w w . gryffn. c

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