Using Context Clues

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Using context clues to find the meaning of new words.


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Hey I would love to download this presentation and share it with my reading class.

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I love your lesson! Can you you please send me your powerpoint so I can use it with my 3rd graders? Thank you!!

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Your presentation of context clues is fabulous. My students would love the idea of being taught by Mrs. Acker from California, rather than their usual plain old Ms. Morin from Virginia. Is there any way you would possibly send me a copy of this? Thank you.

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Can you please send this presentation to me? It will help my third graders. Thank you.

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Using Context Clues : 

Using Context Clues A third grade lesson by Mrs. Acker

Objective : 

Objective With this lesson you will learn to use context clues to find the meaning of unknown words. California Content Standard 1.6 Use sentence and word context to find the meaning of unknown words.

Why do I need to learn this? : 

Why do I need to learn this? Expand your vocabulary.

Slide 4: 

The hiker had the to make the journey. fortitude _______ difficult strength

Slide 5: 

With a snorkel you can the amount of time you can stay underwater. or , , lengthen prolong

Slide 6: 

The man was so that he owned three homes and six cars. wealthy _______ strong rich wrinkled

Thank you! : 

Thank you!

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