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The leading new home builder in Wellington, New Zealand at affordable cost is Grove Homes. It is very passionate about delivering on its customer expectations. It has spent years building not just homes, but solid relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers. http://www.grovehomes.co.nz


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Top 10 Most Useful Tips for Building a New House :

www.grovehomes.co.nz Top 10 Most Useful Tips for Building a New House

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www.grovehomes.co.nz Building your home from the ground up would be a rewarding experience. It gives you the opportunity to modify your home to suit your tastes. It also helps you to adapt to your family’s requirements, both now and in the future. On the other hand, it could also be a stressful experience. You can take the help of renowned new home builders in Wellington and can make your home at an affordable cost.

Here’re top 10 tips for a pain-free home construction process::

www.grovehomes.co.nz Here’re top 10 tips for a pain-free home construction process:

1. Get your plan in place:

1. Get your plan in place Planning is the most important aspect of the construction process. Make sure you carefully plan the details of your house. What direction will it face on the lot? A large number of useful tools are available to plan the design of your home. When in doubt, good old graph paper would work as well. You need to start keeping track of design ideas that inspire you, and that you would like to emulate. www.grovehomes.co.nz

2. Budget more than you expect:

2. Budget more than you expect There could be any number of items that are not included in the estimate your builder gives you. For example, your builder is not likely to include costs such as gas metres, electrical, NBN hook-ups or window coverings. Items such as outdoor concreting, fences and gates, landscaping, decking and letterboxes might also not be included on the estimate. www.grovehomes.co.nz

3. Pick the right builder:

3. Pick the right builder This could be one of the most important decisions you consider in the home building process. Whichever builder you choose, you are going to be working with them for many, many months. It is important to get the choice right at the outset to leave problems down the road. There’re numerous factors which you might consider while choosing a builder: www.grovehomes.co.nz

4. Understand your agreement:

4. Understand your agreement Carefully read the contract to make sure that you understand its contents. Make sure that it includes a cooling off period. Also it specifies a timeframe for construction that suits your requirements. You need to pay close attention to the payment schedule. Before you sign, it is wise to have a solicitor look over the contract. www.grovehomes.co.nz

5. Know what you are entitled to:

5. Know what you are entitled to If you are building your first home, you’re entitled to a First Home Owner Grant dependent on the state or territory in which you live. Likewise, depending on your state or territory, you’re eligible for stamp duty concessions on the purchase of your building lot. www.grovehomes.co.nz

6. Get your financing in order:

6. Get your financing in order When you are building a property, you would require a construction home loan to finance the process. A construction home loan is differently structured than a regular home loan. The lender decides how much would you require for the project. Then they release the funds in periodic payments to your builder. www.grovehomes.co.nz

7. Communicate constantly:

7. Communicate constantly Throughout the process, you can communicate often with your builder and tradesmen. Get regular updates on the progress of construction, and check in yourself. It is a good idea to take pictures of the progress on a regular basis. In this way, you can document any problem areas. www.grovehomes.co.nz

8. Look for ways to save:

8. Look for ways to save Building a home is going to be an expensive process, it is likely that you will end up paying more than you anticipated. There’re ways you can save money. Shop around for the best prices on fittings & fixtures. Try to get multiple quotes for any item required during the construction process. www.grovehomes.co.nz

9. Get an independent inspector:

9. Get an independent inspector Each stage of your construction must be inspected by an independent consultant. You would require inspections at the following stages: Frame Lock up Pre-handover Foundations and footings www.grovehomes.co.nz

10. Know your rights if something goes wrong:

10. Know your rights if something goes wrong If you have signed on with the right builder and lender, planned your building process well, & budgeted well it is unlikely that you are going to face any intractable problems. www.grovehomes.co.nz


Conclusion Chose a right builder Make a non-negotiable list. Don’t back down and settle. Think about the direction your home is facing – north, south, and west? Read every last detail of that contract before you sign it. www.grovehomes.co.nz

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About Author Grove Lifestyle Homes is a family owned and operated business with forty years experience in the New Zealand building industry. We are reputed new home builders in Wellington & we offer services that are truly very genuine & cost effective. www.grovehomes.co.nz

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Contact Us 39 Raiha St, Elsdon , Porirua , 5022, Wellington New Zealand. Email : Sales@grove.net.nz Contact : (04) 237–8686 www.grovehomes.co.nz


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