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Grove Homes is the best and leading new home builders in Wellington, New Zealand. It is licensed building practitioner and are backed up with industry endorsed branz appraisal system which also includes a built in home first 10 year guarantee. http://www.grovehomes.co.nz


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5 Smart Home Innovations Tips For 2017 If you are planning to build a new house then you can adopt smart home innovation tips for a better future. You can consult with home builders in Wellington. They can give you best advice and suggestion and can help you live freely and independently. Today Home automation products and DIY home security have taken over the sphere of in-house technology. With newer technology these tools have become even more practical connected and available to the general public. This blog covers many of the tools devices and products that have been available the last few years and throughout 2016. Here are five innovative smart home technologies we think are coming next or can improve in the next calendar year. 1. Smart Plugs: In 2017 we expect more products like iDevice that can turn on appliances plugs and other tools with your smart devices. 2. Voice-Controlled Home Automation: The Apple Home Kit is a home automation device that can be controlled by means of voice recognition technology. 3. Smart Washing Machines:

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One of the devices that people want to have automated is their washing machine. The LG Twin Wash allow users to run multiple loads at the same time including smaller or larger and more bulky loads. It makes the task less boring and that better processes can happen in the future. This probably means any addition of automation features you can think of such as voice control and smooth smart app control. 4. 4K Television: The technology gives a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This technology is very incredible and its resolution is four times that of your current HD TV. 5. Next Wave of Connectivity: You can truly expect next wave of automation and IoT technology in 2017. The products will all come together through smart hubs and smart devices. This means home appliances security and other important things in the house can be further automated. You can also see more automation and connectivity in your watch vehicle and even coffee maker. All your devices will start speaking to each other. This way the industry continues to make difficult processes simpler for the consumer. Conclusion: New technology is giving more data more analysis and more real-time advice to help you reach your goals wherever you’re. About Author: At Grove homes our family values are the connective tissue of our business. We assure cohesion and strengthening operations in way that’s unique to family-run businesses. We are the most trusted home builders in Wellington. We choose to work only with like-minded professionals who are surveyors and engineers fully qualified architectural designers builders who know and reflect our strong business ethics. We are well renowned for providing a comprehensive knowledgeable and friendly service that has resulted in many hundreds of hassle-free new homes and satisfied customers. We keep abreast of the latest architectural trends building techniques products council requirements and industry standards.

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Every time we fulfil our client’s expectations and industry expectations. We have spent years building solid relationships with suppliers manufacturers and wholesalers.

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