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Trident Group provides advanced law enforcement support services,community protection ,law enforcement operations planning services through training and consultation.We are the leading ,dedicated maritime security services corporation available to industry today.


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WELCOME TO Trident Group, Inc.:

WELCOME TO Trident Group, Inc .

Community protection : Community protection Safety is important to everyone.People want protection , be it personal or business.These protection solutions can be customized to suit a client’s needs.The main objective of protection service is to keep the personal property and communities safe. Community protection services are aimed to prevent negative and unreasonable behavior in communities life.Community Protection is a unique service, set up to tackle anti social behavior and environmental crimes.Trident Group provides support to the people to live successfully with environmental and programmatic safeguards in place to protect neighbors and community members , to the extent possible,from the behavior that endanger people or property or interfere with rights of others .

Slide 3: active shooter response training We also provide active shooter response training to prepare employees for a potential threat incident. It also provides guidance to help the company and those who have survived such an incident recover from tragedy.ASRAT is designed to provide First Responders with the training and tactics to improve the interoperability with intelligence support , secure triage and victim search and effectiveness.The active shooter response training helps to identify actions their organizations can take a prepare for workplace shooter or threat incident.In an active shooter event,individuals must be ready to think and move quickly and adjust to a dynamic situation.Our active shooter preparation and response training is designed to introduce techniques that can minimize injury and increase survival like something happens at your facility .

law enforcement support services: law enforcement support services ASRAT is meant to supply First Responders with the coaching and techniques to boost the flexibility with on-scene (or arriving) LEA active shooter response training like LEA, Intelligence Support, Secure thrusting and victim Search and Rescue are merely a number of the subject areas they're visiting train so on reinforce and maximize initial mortal support and effectiveness. An active shooter is a person determinedly engaged in killing or attempting to kill people.Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly.The threat of indiscriminate gun violence hasn’t diminished.That’s why active shooter preparedness training efforts continue to escalate across the country.The law enforcement support services training serves basic objectives : Well-trained personnel are better prepared to act decisively and correctly. Training results in greater productivity and effectiveness Training nourishes cooperation and unity of purpose Provides safeguards for being legally accountable for actions of personnel .

active shooter response training : active shooter response training Active shooter incidents are often unpredictable and evolve quickly.An active shooter plays an important role in mitigating the impacts of an active shooter incident.Trident Group aims to enhance preparedness through a “whole community” approach by providing resources, tools and products to provide an effective active shooter response training to help you prepare and aim for an active shooter incident.Through Trident group get active shooter preparation recognizing the importance of preparing workers for these types of incidents.This holds that employees must maintain a workplace free from recognized hazards causing , or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to workers. Active Shooter Response Advanced Training”(ASRAT) program provides advanced coaching for: law enforcement .ASRAT is meant specifically for every LEA client to grant advanced coaching engineered upon ways and training.The goal is to boost the ability and capability of every client .

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Contact US: Business Name- Trident Group, Inc. City- Virginia Beach State- Virginia Country- USA Zip code- 23464 Phone: 757-479-4422 Fax: 757-222-2298 Email:

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