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By: hassanmoawed (115 month(s) ago)

Hi i,m working in the field of food safety in an non profit establishment and i,m doing some training could you please allow me to download this vedios Thank you

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Food Safety Training Solution : 

Food Safety Training Solution

Food Safety Training : 

Food Safety Training Group Learner provides food safety training solution in affordable prices. We are mainly focusing in the Manufacturing, Retail and Catering industries.

Cost Saving Training Solution : 

Cost Saving Training Solution Save over 50 % on the traditional cost of Food Safety Training. Save over £37.00 per Trainee on the traditional methods of Regulatory Food Safety Training such as CIEH or HABC.

Cheaper Course Cost : 

Cheaper Course Cost Significant reduction in amount of time in the training. Typically CIEH/HABC training require 8 hours for 10 people but group learner takes 3 hours to train 100 people.

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