Lean Manufacturing Transforming Businesses Across The World

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Lean Manufacturing: Transforming Businesses Across The World Companies of different sizes are now implementing lean manufacturing for improving business processes and lowering the costs. A large number of product manufacturers have cut down their costs of production by integrating lean manufacturing principles at their place of work. In order to make most of its available resources every leading production house carries out various lean manufacturing assessments. What is the lean concept Lean manufacturing principles were introduced by Toyota-the Japanese automaker in the middle of the 20thcentury. Three broad categories-Muri Mura and Muda were introduced by the automaker in order to eliminate various wastes in their production unit. The lean manufacturing principles were precisely built from these broad concepts introduced by the Toyota.

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Mura concept The concept of Mura comprises of different steps that have to be taken proactively or in response to a complete manufacturing processes for the purpose of eliminating unforeseen wastes in the production houses. Muda This concept primarily refers to the seven waste forms seven waste forms are discussed later in this article. Muri This concept is inclusive of all modifications in the manufacturing processes for getting rid of the identified wastes. Benefits of lean manufacturing assessment Some of the benefits of the lean manufacturing assessment in different production houses are discussed in this post. By implementing the lean manufacturing principles the manufacturers will be able to cut downs different waste types easily and quickly. Flexibility and waste elimination are other benefits associated with lean manufacturing principles in workplace. Lean manufacturing principles implemented in production houses have helped the manufacturers to achieve greater productivity and reduced operations cost. These principles have helped the production houses to ensure enhanced quality of their products. Seven types of wastes Analyzing the working of lean principles by qualified lean manufacturing consultants starts by understanding and knowing the seven waste forms. These seven waste forms are generated during product manufacturing. 1.Waiting A lot of time can be wasted due to delay in the manufacturing processes. This delay waiting can effectively increase the worker’s downtime of product manufacturing processes. 2.Overproduction Overproduction is of two types. In first case there is a product that is manufactured before its

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purchasing need arises. In this different resources must be earmarked to store the products or merchandises. In second case a product is sold at very low rate. 3.Processing If the product manufacturers are confused about the precise needs of customers or about the products’ working then this confusion can result in the generation of waste. 4.Motion Motion is a term used for all the body movements that are made by a worker during the manufacturing processes. Sometime motion can cause stress. It may also lead to injuries as well. 5.Inventory If you have an excess of inventory then you are required to spend additional money to store it. 6.Correction It refers to the correction made in a work that has already been done. You have to suffer heavy cost loss because you will have to check the production processes from the beginning. 7.Conveyance It is waste caused due to unnecessarily movement of one part from one place to another during manufacturing processes. Part can be damaged during the movement and manufacturers will suffer loss due to it. Also it can delay the entire manufacturing processes too which can cause increased operational cost. Service-oriented enterprises use lean six sigma manufacturing consulting firms to generate value from their internal processes. Regardless of its nature to deploy lean principles at its workshop the lean manufacturing consultancies empower a company. Production units and service companies approach leading lean manufacturing consultants for effective implementation of lean manufacturing processes.

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