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EPIPHANY MINISTRIES Manifesting God to incarcerated and trouble youth CELEBRATING THE VOLUNTEERS Volunteers are currently Going into 7 different facilities AND… A Possibility of 3 more this year An average of 13 weekends Are held Every year Each weekend has an average of 30+ volunteers That’s around 400 Volunteers going Into prisons Each year Each weekend is Filled with… Recreation Music And Prayer Talks Food Which equals a lot of Fun and Fellowship

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Prayer chains Are a big part of each weekend, This is a way that Thousands of Volunteers are included Each volunteer spends Over 72 hours for each weekend Countless more hours At 3 or more meetings Per weekend and raises between $3000 - $3500 each weekend Volunteers do this In hopes of saving all BUT… would do it To just save one TO ALL VOLUNTEERS Thank you for all you do. You keep the ministry going With your willingness to say YES To HIS CALL!!! Each weekend serves 5 different meals To around 20 stars, 30 volunteers, and Prison staff This equals 250 – 300 meals Per weekend Between 3250 and 3600 meals are served throughout The year on Epiphany’s

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