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James T. Kirk Capitan, USS Enterprise:

James T. Kirk Capitan, USS Enterprise Greg Arno

What makes a leader a leader?:

What makes a leader a leader? A great leader isn’t afraid to admit he or she is wrong – and then adjust course as needed A great leader knows how to recognize, nurture and build talent A great leader commits 100% (rather than making his or her staff do that on their own) A great leader mobilizes his or her team and then knows when to step aside and let them take the lead, offer new ideas, and create their own solutions. A great leader doesn’t micromanage – and doesn’t need to

False Assumptions about a leader:

False Assumptions about a leader They can reach every goal Never missing a deadline Remember that leaders are humans too.

Why is Captain Kirk a Leader?:

Why is Captain Kirk a Leader? He is a logical person, but he also uses common sense. His crew likes a sense of the value of breaking the rules. He is not perfect He treats his crew right. Kirk is layed back and doesn’t worry about the little things Does not get emotional in emergencies.

Don’t Believe Me?:

Don’t Believe Me?

Why do I admire him? :

Why do I admire him? I desire to be a leader I don’t want to “boss everyone around” I envy the fact that his crew can freely talk to him. He can be relaxed in emergencies He can see both sides of the issue. He is a diplomat, but also down to earth.

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And of course: STAR TREK IS AWESOME!!

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