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Can you answer the Call of Innovation ?

How weird is our space? : 

How weird is our space? How weird is our phone? Begin to think out of this world !

What do phones need? : 

What do phones need? You will design a phone for the future that will be different from what we see as necessary today.

What’s history got to do with it? : 

What’s history got to do with it? Why do we look back to move forward? How did phones come to be invented? Can we change the phone into transportation, take away food, or air travel to make a new product? What technology exists today that is determining the future of communication? Time travel?

Convertible or Incontravertible? : 

What does shape have to do with it? What weird things can we make? What is a sustainable resource? Can we do without plastic? Convertible or Incontravertible? Does form follow function? What is really out there?

Draw out your concept : 

Draw out your concept Use drawings to determine the shape and look of the phone/device. Add dimensions and scale to your drawings to convey size. Is colour an option, and what materials can be utilised to serve colour? Can we move away from plastic?

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change the way you think! dude

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Is this a phone? dude Hold on a minute ........

What ELSE is possible ? : 

What ELSE is possible ? In groups discuss the answers to your big questions. Evaluate the technology and design conventions that are most successful. Mind map the direction of technology and place it in an historical context (create a timeline). WOULD somebody GET THAT PHONE!?! HELLO?


Prepare a presentation of your ideas based on preliminary drawings and text based analysis supporting your argument for the visionary future of communication. Design in visual, audio, and communications technology. Make predictions and provide evidence toward your path of discovery. Use a format of your choice to convey your design in a presentation of approximately 10-15 min. PRESENT YOUR FINDINGS WEIRD OR FUNK? presentation choice evidence design

Lets look at what we have now : 

Lets look at what we have now What do we do with phones? How is their function determined? What functions will dictate form? Can you answer the call? ( does form follow function) WHO IS IT?

Time for you to shine! : 

Time for you to shine! Introducing StarRing Directed by Produced by “Yourself” The Invention of the Century

The end : 

The end Look over the horizon - it’s not flat

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