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Top 10 best dress up games:

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Dress up games are becoming part of many girl's world as they are fun to play and easy to get on. There are various games of the kind which are released day by day. Below are some of the best picks in the dress up games. Also check out Barbie Dress Up Games Online .

School crush:

School crush Love again? Yes it's Romeo and Juliet in the classroom this time. Romeo is carried away by a young girl who dresses up o kill and sits in front in the classroom. To play the game use the mouse to change and dress up Juliet to look gorgeous at all times. The game is fun and easy to play.

Mother daughter club:

Mother daughter club This is another top dress up game that has received much reviews and ratings from top girl game boards. It is interesting and easy to play. One is expected to dress up the mother and daughter duo to impress with all sorts of dress codes from jumpers, dresses, shirts and many more dressings. One can easily dress up the duo by using the mouse to click on the clothing icon and style them up.

Make up and make over:

Make up and make over Yet another interesting game that is loved by many girls is the “make up and make over” which as it's name states is all about flair and make overs in dressing up. There is a range of almost what every girl needs to dress up and shine. One is provided with beauty kits and equipments such as lipsticks, powders and everything else needed to look gorgeous. As a player you are expected to dress up to impress and dazzle the world.

My cute little sister:

My cute little sister Gossip and goofing is common in almost every girl out there and so is it with duo sisters in this dress up game “my cute little sister”. As a player you are expected to dress up to your best so that you can hang out with the adorable duo sisters. Use the floating clothing icon to dress the doll so as to hang out with the sisters.

Miami beach party:

Miami beach party In this game, there is no other better place to hang out than the Miami beach party. Maybe taking up a chocolate and enjoying a warm evening at the beach is a good idea. Of course yo need to dress up for that, and it is your role as a player to dress up. Like the other dress up games you use the clothing icon to dress up with a variety of dress codes provided.

A bride's first kiss:

A bride's first kiss A wedding is obviously expected to be one of the most beautiful things and dressing well is not a question; it is a must. A beautiful bride and a handsome groom happen to be wedding. You are expected to dress them both for them to have the best and the cutest wedding possible.

High school sweethearts:

High school sweethearts High school is where it all goes down. A cute couple is over there and only one problem is brewing and your help is needed. They are both nervous and it is your role to make it happen. You are expected to do give them the best experience by guiding the lips to make it happen. The faster it is, the better the experience.

Best friends makeover:

Best friends makeover Here is another cool game that one is expected to be cool and do good. In the game, the best way to party with your friends is to have a makeover party. The best way to dress up for the party is to have fun new hair, funky eyeshadow , and lovely lip gloss. Dress up to impress during the party.

Mother daughter:

Mother daughter Well , it is time water splashing fun moment and mother and daughter are going there. Help them dress up with the best fit for the Mother daughter Water-park.

Birthday party time:

Birthday party time You are turning older and it's your birthday party. You are however expected to give yourself the best gift of dressing in your party. Dress up with the various provided dressing codes for the party. Barbie Dress Up Games are also another type of girl games that are popular and recommended that you check them out..


Summary Dress up girl games are one of the most popular games that are lovable by many people. The games are easy top play and above all fun and entertaining. This article gives some of the most popular dress up games. Visit this site to learn more : http ://

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