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Gregory Elias Gregory Elias: Facts About Panda Bears


Though Chairman and Managing Director who is quite busy running among others his company in Curacao, Gregory Elias has many hobbies that take up his spare time. Learning about panda bears is one such hobby.


This endangered species is one that is adored by many, thanks to their cute appearance and mysterious ways. A member of the Carnivore order, from the Ursidae family, the panda bear is only found in the wild in Central China. The provinces of Sichuan, Gansu, and Shaanxi are the only known locations of the dwindling panda bear population.


The panda bear has diminished in number mostly due to land clearing and farming throughout China. Once, the panda was found living in the lowland areas. As those areas were cleared for industry and progress, they were forced to relocate to the more mountainous areas of the country.


The forests where panda bears prefer to make their homes have certain characteristics. Each of these densely lush places will have trees from the broadleaf or coniferous families. In addition, the forests all contain an above average amount of bamboo growing freely. The panda prefers an area that is shrouded, from foliage and weather. This is why the panda is now only spotted at altitudes of five to ten thousand feet.


As the panda population decreases, scientists are doing all they can to make sure the panda bear does not become extinct. In the wilds of Central China, there are only sixteen hundred pandas left, by estimation. Additionally, zoos and breeding centers around the world contain roughly three hundred more pandas. Gregory Elias hopes that we can all come together and save this wonderful creature from extinction.


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