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If you are not satisfied with the size, shape, or position of your ears, you should consider otoplasty to improve the appearance. Just like with any type of surgery, the area will likely be tender and not completely healed directly afterward. Therefore, it needs to be protected, and bandages around the head can perform this much needed function.

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You can expect to go home after the otoplasty with a large bandage wrapped around your head. This should be thoroughly padded, which can protect the area from accidentally getting hit or shoved. Not only would such trauma hurt immensely, but it could also ruin the new shape or placement of the ears, prompting revision surgery. Thus, be sure to keep the bandage on for as long as your doctor advises. An additional benefit of bandaging after otoplasty is that it can provide a safe environment for the ears.

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This means that it can prevent excess swelling, bruising, or general discomfort that could result after the treated area is exposed to the elements. In fact, other people not realizing that you just had surgery are not the only dangers to your ears. Without the bandage, you could momentarily forget that you recently had surgery, and cause pain by reaching to scratch the ears, or even attempting to sleep on your side. Any of these potentially painful issues can be prevented with a simple bandage.

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You should listen to your surgeon to find out how long to keep the bandaging on after otoplasty. Some surgeons used to recommend that patients wear it for up to ten days, but many people find that it either becomes quite itchy or just naturally comes off before then. Many doctors now find that patients do not need to wear it more than the first day after surgery, while others recommend at least a few days of use. If you have specific issues with wearing the bandage for more than about a day, talk to your surgeon. If there is excess itching or an odd smell, you may be better off taking it off after the first day.

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However, if you experience none of these issues and are afraid that you or other people will forget about the recent otoplasty and damage the area, you can certainly wear it longer than a day. It is typically a decision made between you and your doctor, so the answer may be different for everyone.

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Sources: http://lymphedemastore.com http://ezinearticles.com/?Otoplasty---How-Can-a-Bandage-Help-You-Heal?&id=3917016

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