How to Choose an Effective Name For Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business


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How to Choose an Effective Name For Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

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Keep It Simple It's tempting to get cute and creative in choosing a business name, but the trick is to keep it simple. You want people to be able to say and spell your foreclosure cleanup business name easily. Easily Spelled: If someone is searching for you in the phone book or online, you want them to be able to easily locate you. And spelling your business name should not be a barrier to them finding your new foreclosure cleanup business.

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Short and Sweet! Try to keep your business name short, no more than three words. You will be using your business name on your printed material (postcards, business cards, inspection forms, fliers, estimate forms, etc.). The shorter your clean business name, the easier it will fit on your printed in-house material and marketing pieces. And, keeping in mind the above, shorter names are easier to say, spell, and most importantly, easier to remember.

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What's In a Name? What's in a business name? Everything from your company's services to its image will be wrapped up in your foreclosure cleanup business' name. So try to choose a name that tells what your company does. For example, what do you think Sam's Services does? Who would have a clue! With a name like Sam's Services, the company could theoretically handle anything from zebra training to plumbing. But, on the other hand, a name like Sam's Plumbing would say it all.

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Clearly Define What You Do You want your name to clearly define your company's services. It's not as easy as it sounds, but it's necessary to have a name that will equal success. Try going one step further by choosing a name that also has its finger on the pulse of your industry. In our industry, using the word cleanup or cleaning, or something equally effective, is key. For example, Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC, says the company handles foreclosure cleanup work. Using foreclosure in the company names shows the company is poised to help in the foreclosure crisis. Choosing cleanup is key for obvious reasons: that's what the company does -- cleanup work.

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Important First Step Choosing an effective business name is an important first step in opening your foreclosure cleanup business. Remember, try to make sure your new enterprise's name is 1) no more than three words, 2) easy to say, spell and remember, and 3) gives a clear indication of the types of services your business handles.

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