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Onelight.com Training Series : 

Onelight.com Training Series VRIL ASTRAL TRAVEL TECHNIQUE Practical application 1

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Never Underestimate the Human’s Natural Power of Flight 2 VRIL ASTRAL TRAVEL TECHNIQUE

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 3 “Leaving the Body : A Complete Guide to Astral Projection”  by D. Scott Rogo

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 4 “The Art and Practice of Astral Projection” by Ophiel

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5 Mt. Shasta Activated Crystal VRIL Generator With the Use of these Two Immortal Tools the ALCHEMICAL Transistor of the Human Physical Body Will strongly vibrate, sufficient to propel human consciousness into a light portal, deep into the Subterranean places of Earth, to another planet, to the stars, or into other dimensions

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 6 The deeper and stronger the vibration of the crystal in the back of the neck …allows the VRIL Astral Practitioner to enter deeper into the frequencies target areas and see more clearly the content of the area. 6

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 7 7

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 8 8

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 9 9

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13 The Manual for the VRIL Generator instructs the VRIL practitioner in the method of opening the body to the VRIL current so that the individual aspirant may travel anywhere in the Universe they decide

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14 Upon receiving the VRIL Generator you will be introduced into joining the VRIL Hollow Earth Circle. By meditating with this group of people who are located around the world the VRIL practitioner can heighten their inner powers for remote viewing, astral travel, and hyper-dimensional travel.

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