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1 Now, you know what the Dead know, We are the reason that Earth was built

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Astral Journey to The Moon 2

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3 Like a haunted ship in the night the moon remains far outside our grasp of knowledge and much of it out of sight or of our view…waiting for new visitors yet seemingly wishing to be left alone.

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4 Who can fathom what lays in her subterranean regions? Or that which is yet to be discovered on her dark side.

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During a July 2010 journey to the Moon by the VRIL HOLLOW EARTH CIRCLE it came to light that the Moon has a relationship to the planet Earth – that of a symbiotic nature. We experienced much of the matter in the Moon was of the same substance which is of the Earth. Proposing the belief that many of the materials brought to the Moon from Earth would allow for the new introducing species to become accustomed to the frequencies of the Earth, no easy task indeed. 5

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Further lending to the belief that the Moon acted as a device, a vehicle that would take species from other planetary spheres and implant or birth them in areas of the Earth. These species may be defined as large Light Beings: transponders of long ago cultures – ‘seeders’ taken from the higher pedigree of divine species, the very evolutionary children whose origin is in the stars. In this manner the dominion of the formless and the formed is experienced – the zone of the invisible becomes visible. 6

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7 As I gazed on the Moon I saw that it was a concentric sphere which had many intersecting bands, thus giving me the belief that the Moon was strategically developed as a ship which would hold beings, plants, advanced technology inside of it, much like an ark of the galaxy.

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Image of moon crust and webery 8 There is seen a web of braces inside , an artificial support system

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9 There is a NASA base on the moon with a deep well and a high tower.

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10 Nasa Base on the Moon

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11 In one area of the Moon, there is a very large subterranean crystalline system (just below the surface) that is growing, containing many various species of inter-dimensional travelers as well as residents of this crystal matrix. This area is anticipated as a place for future visits by the VHEC.

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12 a very large subterranean crystalline system in the subsurface of the Moon

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The further I went into the Moon I came across tunnels that were made up of a spongy like material – which was hardened over time – but could have been injected into the sphere for filler. Are the moons artificially built inside an airtight garage of one or ‘many’ of the hollow planets in our solar system? 13

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In the crust of the Moon were discovered the relics of beings which are very large and sea bearing, meaning that at one time long ago the Moon was covered with a liquid which would either be a dense matter as our water or that of a thick gas, perhaps some thing that is found in Jupiter. 14

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15 I see there is a crust which is made of a material that appears to have been excavated from Earth. Inside the crust is an ancient relic of a dino-like sea creature.

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I believe that the species that are abundant in the gas planets are at designated times introduced into the solid planets; as are species from solid planets introduced into the gas planets. In this manner the species of this solar system continue to have an optimum integrity of mutual understanding, inner balance, divine accomplishment and nurturing empathy for each others’ species and their destinies. 16

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Giant Sea Reptiles Here are some species of giant sea reptiles. Prior to their existence the oceans were of a more gaseous nature holding beings of greater light substance, not dissimilar in form. 17

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19 Elasmosaurus

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20 Elasmosaurus

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21 Elasmosaurus

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22 Nothosaurs

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23 Plesiosaur

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24 Dolichorhynchops

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See your there…maybe inside. 25

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