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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 1 We are now in the 5th year of the VRIL Hollow Earth Circle There are approx. 60 targets that have been entered and studied, several more than once.

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 2 We have a journey each week, usually to a new target, though we will be returning more to previous targets as time goes on and go deeper into the content of that target. The target Saturn is in the planning: this includes the Moons of Saturn, entering the rings of Saturn and then flowing into the Interior of the planet Saturn through its hexagon shaped entrance at Saturn’s north pole. 2

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 3 The hexagon is nearly 25,000 kilometers (15,000 miles) across. Nearly four Earths could fit inside it. 3

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 4 An essential tool for travel is the VRIL Astral Practitioner’s journal. VHEC members are encouraged to write down details of their journey immediately at the close of the journey’s session or as soon as one can. As the practitioner travels they may wish to make mental notes, that they can remember to write in their journals later. We have equipped ourselves with voice activated recording devices, suspending them over our heads from the ceiling, or laid the recording device on our pillow near our face. Though a great amount of detail can be gathered in this process, the recorder methods can be disruptive to the deeper vibration and interrupt the astral traveler’s fuller enjoyment. 4

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 5 Map used for recent VHEC journey from Cheops to Alexandria, to Skiros, to Istanbul 5

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 6 The deeper and stronger the vibration of the crystal in the back of the neck …allows the VRIL Astral Practitioner to enter deeper into the frequencies in the target areas and see more clearly the content of the area. 6

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 7 7

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 8 8

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 9 9

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 10 Updated Summer, 2010 Discover the Subterranean Secrets of AMAZONIA through VRIL light TRAVEL 10

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 11 Astral experiences will occur while one is sleeping in the dream state, separating and moving away from their body, meditation as in yoga posture, gazing at a computer screen or picture taped on a wall, or walking down the street. An ASTRAL experience may come up to the conscious mind from the subconscious at any time. 11

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 12 Since our last visit with “Unraveling the Secrets” on 1/24/2010  We have entered into the South America Amazon Basin area several times, three of which I will be relaying information to the Unraveling the Secrets’ audience this evening AMAZONIA through Astral VRIL light TRAVEL Here is a quick overview of this amazing area: . 12

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CYLINDERS, SHAFTS, SINK HOLES Into Paradise Through remote viewing using satellite maps, We have observed SEVEN large noticeable SHAFTS into the planet (to date 7/24/2010) emitting light spikes; while gazing on the Earth’s surface and accessing through the Global Network. These ‘shafts’ are hooked together as one circuitry. We believe these sinkholes were left over from the Atlantean days, which are still being used to travel in and out of the Earth by advanced inner-dimensional spacecraft. 4 in South America 1 in Malaysia 2 in Russia near the Ural Mountains Our introductory story here is of the ‘cylinder-shaft’ in Northern Brazil. More information on tunnel openings may be discovered on the pages of Onelight.com at www.onelight.com/hec Onelight.com Publishing c2010 13

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 14 going into A M A Z O N IA

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 15

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 17

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 18

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 19 Amazon rain forest Tunnels leading inside Cylinder going 100 miles To the Crystalline Grid 60 mile mark leading into Global Network Manaus Cylinder

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 20 The Cylinder Well near Manaus which was built by pre-Atlanteans, holds a very sophisticated process of informing witnesses as to the actual present electromagnetic `VRIL field'. Through entering this energy well, the practitioner will engage as to their own personal VRIL empowerment and that of the corresponding present mass of the planet Earth. As we gaze on this portal east of Manaus, one realizes at what present density of Spirit the Earth itself is aroused in – one calculates where the Earth body is in relationship to the centering alignment with the Universal Central Sun. By this, the VRIL practitioner will see where their personal place with the Central Sun, and its relationship on this moving planetary sphere, is.

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 21 Water can be reprogrammed to reverse its properties of weight and gravity so as to cover major openings of high (alien?) technology Cylinder going 100 miles To the Crystalline Grid 60 mile mark leading into Global Network >this route will be closed off as nefarious NWO parties seek it out and enter it further/deeper and remove many of the technological equipment no longer in use in this area, which can be sold to corporations on the surface eager for these materials Manaus Cylinder Revisited

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 22 A most fertile area of subterranean systems exists in this triangle.

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 23 Pyramids leading into the underground tunnels in western Brazil near Chile

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Onelight.com Publishing c2010 24 24 The Amazon Basin is approx. two thirds the square mileage of the states; over which is laid a forest rug , a treasure house of botanical medicines, bequeathed by the gods, a jungle covering a vast network of underground tunnels and caverns, filled with forgotten dreams, ‘levels of meccas’, each bearing fruit of past generations, exalted – ephemeral, a labyrinth – some parts destroyed, some abandoned, some containing robots of a time long past leading into our time coming. May we hold the VRIL and view deep into the Amazon Basin; may we glide in the ‘spirit walk’ across the vast forested land, and penetrate the caches of lost gifts; may we dive into the tunnels, the vast hidden subterranean areas, and experience the high vibration – the wisdom of those who have been there before. May we see the connection to the Ancient places of Egypt, where ancient ruins reflect the use of Divine Teleportation that can be studied…again.

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28 What attracts us to gold? Is it our need for this mineral in our body due to it being previously removed; casting us in sub-servitude to the taskmasters? Thus allowing the slave masters the means of using the attraction to gold as a process of manipulating us to do whatever they wish?

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29 Can this state of unnatural need be replaced by Monoatomic Gold?

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