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3 The complete vision of the Hollow Earth as revealed by the deity Shiva to Greg Gavin (1989)

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4 For several weeks I had been seeking Shiva’s appearance before me. After many hours of anguish and painful deliberation, my will became resolved. Sitting in the yoga fashion, I waited and waited. Having seen Shakti, having seen Mother Kundalini, I was now truly set upon seeing the godhead Shiva.

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5 In my mind's eye I saw a large chamber. In front and to the left of me I saw what appeared to be a triune. Immediately, I knew that Shiva was there. I sat still and concentrated the fixed gaze.

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6 My prayers were deep and heartfelt, as I called Shiva's name again and again. My will was exhausted and renewed in each concentrated endeavor of breath and heart.   Then I received contact.

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7 I then could perceive as if a great fog of density was lifted from my sight. In the right hand of the figure was an object like a staff with a vase on the end.

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8 Slowly the image of his body became clearer, and I saw a personage, a personification of light subtle energy looking back to me, mirroring the inner essence of divinity.

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9 My heart was overjoyed to gaze upon the countenance of Shiva. His long ringlets fell across his chest as he reclined on his side in perfect ease on a large blanket which was filled with the universes.

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10 His words were directly received into my mind: You cannot judge God, you cannot judge the heavens and the Earth. You cannot judge yourself, for you and I are One.

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11 With this, a great fear was ripped from me. My remorse for all past actions was removed in this great act of grace. His power was inside me, and it healed me. I was one with Shiva.

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12 I remained still and in the vision, curious as to Shiva’s next act.

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13 He reached beneath his torso into the blanket of the universe and procured a silver sphere. I gazed upon it, marveling at its surface ornamentation. It was radiant with symbols which represented many beings and many cultures and described many occult secrets.

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14 He displayed this sphere to my curious mind and heart. The beauty of the sphere was heart fulfilling. Surely all the destiny and history of humankind lay in the power of this orb.

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15 Shiva glanced at me, then steadily caught my gaze. He opened the sphere in two halves and showed me the inside. Inside there were millions, zillions of crystals, shimmering, awakening, alive. I looked closer, and saw that around the crystal were deep veins of cloistered gold.

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16 He gazed at me deeply, pointing with his finger to the diamonds, the gold, the glowing light crystal. Shiva spoke in my mind's ear: ‘This is yours, I give this to you.’

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17 At the time, it could only be a puzzle for my curiosity. I had not yet begun my explorations into the Hollow Earth. But when I began to penetrate the crust, I recognized the crystals, the gold, the treasure that Shiva had given me.

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18 Through continued deep meditation on the supreme Shiva, holding the VRIL Generator, concentration on the third eye and immortal self, the pure will of eternity is revealed.

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23 Mt. Kailash

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Experiencing Mt. Kailash I have VRIL traveled to Mt. Kailash several times, once by teleporting sitting in my office space. It was very cold as I stood one moment gazing on the slope of snow leading up to the summit as clear and real as anything in my home in Jersey. In the next moment I had returned to my office gazing in bewilderment. The following day I called the computer repair man, and found that I had to replace the computer as there was too much of a charge that had passed through it. The same was true with my two back up computers – all three making it to the recycling bin. 24

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To continue my practice of investigating Teleportation, I would need to scale back, watch my energy needs and stay away from electrical items of importance to my daily life and livelihood. The better portion of a year passed before I was nudged into looking into Mt. Kailash again, this time by a VRIL practitioner who felt an affinity to Shiva and Mt. Kailash. He made an offering to our Onelight.com services and I notified my partner the Shaman Guide. We all then agreed on a time and date to take the journey fitting our schedules. 25

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What happened on this journey far out reached any thing I could imagine, and I like to believe I have a very big imagination. 26

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Journey to Mt. Kailash, 1st week of June 2010 Just entering the meditation period at 10pm I received an exalted shock of light awakening substance that I can claim as the most magnificent (if one compares light energy experiences) to date. Below Mt. Kailash a crystal city was revealed of such great power and transpondence that it was as if the will of God had born a new path on my head and spirit. 28

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I realized in that moment that my friend Shiva was a divinely perceived deity- a go between for human surface tribes, a communicator to surface mortals whereby we can organize our will, that we may enter into the Crystal City below Mt. Kailash and by that be nurtured into a state of the unity of self fulfilling immortality. 29

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I can not fully exclaim how powerful a resonance this is! This is the source of consciousness itself created from a Crystal City so sophisticated and so matured, so heavenly distinguished as the most powerful portal I claim experience of. 30

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This city is of many inhabitants, great structures of crystal, crystals that are gathered and carved out as transponders reaching out into the universes, other dimensions, the many realms unseen presently by our surface eyes. 31

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This great substance of light energy severed me from the toxic inadequacies of a surface life, as I realized again how primitive and anxiety filled our surface cultures are. How limited we surface dwellers are! 32

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For those of us who seek the subterranean light crystal domain, I assure you that the Crystal City below Mt. Kailash is the place one can begin/continue their journey with the nurturing of the highest will in positive light empowerment. 33

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I thank the Shaman Guide who has given me this blessing, as well as with the many other blessings given in the past. May the light of this guidance be known as `immortally freeing' the human mortal from the surface bound life. 34

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